TMCP Podcast #142 – Shannon Hudson from Redline Gauge Works on Restoring and Creating Factory Gauges That Never Were!

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An example of a custom “factory” creation from Redline Gauge Works of a factory creation that never was. Note the digital odometer display and the 4 legitimate engine gauges!

This week’s podcast show guest is Shannon Hudson, owner of Redline Gauge Works (and yes, you probably have heard of them already from TV – they’ve been on the show Rides several times). Redline specializes in the restoration of original automotive gauges back to factory specifications, and they’re one of few out there available for such a service. If you’re doing a factory restoration, or perhaps you’re working on something that doesn’t have a lot of reproduced parts, Shannon’s shop can put Humpty Dumpty back together for you just like new!

Yes, it’s a Mopar gauge….but no, Mopar never made it like this!

Redline also specializes in converting mechanical gauges into electronic ones and can create factory looking gauges that may never have existed. The lead photo used in this article is a perfect example as this factory looking gauge cluster is both electronic (check out the odometer) as well as customized.

Both of these services are extremely handy for people that may be doing modern engine swaps (that would like to take advantage of electronic gauges) or that loved the look of their factory gauges but wanted something more usable and unique.

As an example, if your factory speedometer peaks out at 120 MPH, but you always wished it would read 160 and be functional, they can do that. As an even better example, if you’d like your factory High-Low oil pressure gauge to read correctly with REAL numbers on it, they can do that too! Personally, I think they’re approach to it all is fantastic, and I’ll be calling Redline when my Chevelle needs new gauges. I love the look of my factory gauges, and since they have so much of the character of the original car, I want to keep them. Redline can help them be functional too!

Shannon Hudson and Renaud Valuzet with Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s “Xtreme Lee”

At the end of our interview I learned that Shannon not only creates cool gauges for a living, but he’s also related to some Dukes of Hazzard Royalty. His father-in-law is Renaud Veluzat, and he and his brother were the providers of all of the Dukes of Hazzard vehicles (including the General Lee’s) for the first three seasons of the Dukes of Hazzard. Shannon’s wife hand-cut the stars for the roof of the General lee when she was a little girl and placed them on the roof.

According to Shannon, if you ever see a shot in the TV show that shows the stars perfectly aligned on the roof…..those were NOT done by his wife (who did the work as elementary school girl). As a result of his Dukes connection Shannon is friends with John Schneider (Bo Duke himself) and also helped in the build of Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s “Xtreme Lee” General Lee!

You can get more information from Redline Gauge Works via their website.

Thanks for the interview Shannon!

-Robert Kibbe

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