TMCP Podcast #134 – Prepare to Be Judged! Car Show Judge Ron Peters Shares How to Best Prepare Your Car For Judging!

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This week’s podcast show guest is Ron Peters, author of the new book “Prepare to be Judged: How to Get Your Car Ready for Show.” Ron has had a lot of experience as a local and regional car show judge and realized that there were a million and one inexpensive little tricks-of-the-trade that a lot of car show participants seemed to be unaware of. He also realized that (in general) the process of how and what car show judges look for is rarely communicated to those attending the show, so he thought he’d kill two birds with one stone and put together a “How To” guide that covered how to prep your car with consideration to what judges look for.

Ron talked about many specifics of preparing a car, from body panel fitment, to wheel and tire clocking, to interior, paint, and chrome prep, and even dug into whether those signs and mirrors that people put around their cars at shows are good ideas. Most the the items that he touched on require more time than dollars, and Ron really stressed that even if the judge doesen’t like what you’ve done to prepare your car (such as applying 50 gallons of tire shine per tire), what the judge does look for is that “the detail has been attended to.”

I’d stress to anyone, whether you show a car or not, to give Ron’s book a read. You’ll find that there are several tips that anyone who likes using their car to the fullest can benefit from. The book is well documented, has plenty of pictures when they’re needed, and (coolest of all) is a self published project done by Ron himself. I love entrepreneurial ideas as a general rule, and I really think that Ron has found an un-served niche that could really use some love. You can learn more about Ron (and order his book) at

Thanks, for the interview, Ron!

-Robert Kibbe

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