TMCP Podcast #127 – Ron Halbritter from Legendary Auto Interiors on Interior Creation and a 20% Discount!

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Ron Halbritter from Legendary Auto Interiors – hard at work creating his next masterpiece!

This week’s podcast show guest is Mr. Ron Halbritter from Legendary Auto Interiors. Ron has been with Legendary since nearly the beginning, and I thought that when it came to discussing anything related to muscle car interior topics that if Ron didn’t know it it likely wasn’t worth knowing! During the interview we discussed a lot about Legendary’s history, and I found it interesting that they started out not with the more common Ford or GM applications, but instead with the Mopar lineup. Following that they added on AMC and Buick, and now offer products for several other GM applications as well. I also spent some time digging into how Legendary became THE go-to producer of the most accurate color and pattern of upholstery that they are today.

Legendary’s “General Lee” ’69 Charger interior package. Ron revealed that they were the supplier for the General Lee interiors in the 2005 Dukes of Hazzard movie!

Specifically, Legendary is known for creating the most accurate grain patterns out there, and Ron discussed how they’ve done so by starting with original samples and going from there.  They’ve taken the same approach with color replication as well, and we’re all well versed in the fact that sometimes an interior color as simple as “red” can have 50 different shades available if you’re not careful.

As far as they’re concerned, it’s worth taking the time to get the product lineup right and they take great pride in the products that they produce. ally was the real deal! Legendary can also provide in-house seat-repair and upholstery services as well.

As a side note, I can confirm personally the accuracy of their products. I used red ’64 Chevelle swatches from Legendary against a competitors when evaluating the interior choice for my ’64 Chevelle. The Legendary grain pattern was clearly the closest to the original, and their “red” really was right on the money.


As a special bonus for listeners, Legendary has decided to grant us a 20% Discount on all Legendary manufactured products for the next 30 days!

This offer will expire on May 10, 2012 and is only redeemable by CALLING in your order and mentioning “The MuscleCar Place Podcast Show.” Legendary can be reached directly at the following number:


Thanks for the interview, Ron – and for the bonus!

-Robert Kibbe




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