TMCP Podcast #122 – Koby Shabtay on How He Chased His Hot Rod Dream!

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Koby's playhouse!

This week’s podcast show guest is Koby Shabtay, a podcast show listener all the way from Israel! Koby contacted me during the summer of 2011 to let me know that he enjoyed the show and had a Mustang and a Camaro. The thing was though, the part he liked best about the show was the encouragement he got from it to know that other people out there felt the same way he did, and were doing something about it. Believe it or not though, I’m not referring to cars here.

Specifically, Koby was in a line of work that that he was NOT enjoying, and he was starting to wonder what the point of it all really was. Should he really go to work every day for 40 years, do a job he hated, and be content with it? Koby decided the answer was no. The only problem was, the thing that he was REALLY passionate about was hot rodding muscle cars, and where he lives it’s illegal to do so. Koby had a problem on his hands.

After wrestling with the issue for a while he started talking to friends and took a trip to attend the SEMA convention in Las Vegas, NV. It was there that he got to see what the hot rod and performance industry really had to offer, and he was determined that the next time he went back to SEMA that it would be for business reasons.

Long story short, it turned out that while he couldn’t make a living at hot rodding cars where he lived, he could go to work for a company that made performance parts. A friend suggested he look at King Bearings, and they had a facility near him. He took a shot, applied for some jobs out of the blue, made a few phone calls…..and is now working in R&D and the High Performance and Racing Marketing Department for King! His job is to develop and grow the performance and racing market for King Bearings. Not too shabby, right?

Thanks for the interview Koby, and the inspiration! When you’re President of King Bearings in 6 months I could really use a deal on a few items….



As I previewed last week, the launch of my my new show “Cars For a Living” was to debut next week. I’ve decided to bump it into next week so as not to get lost in the mix with the all new LSX Podcast show (which debuted THIS week!). If you’d like more information sent straight to your Inbox about it simply click this link or the picture below! Stay tuned!

-Robert Kibbe



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