Sam Farrington

TMCP Podcast #119 – 15 Year Old Sam Farrington’s ’67 4-Door Chevelle!

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Sam Farrington
Sam Farrington and his '67 Chevelle project!

This weeks podcast show guest is 15-year-old Sam Farrington from Indiana. I’ve known Sam for a little over a year now, and it was clear from the beginning that he was someone special. He has a very humble-yet-confident demeanor, which is certainly a reflection on the incredible upbringing he’s had from parents, Tom and Debbie. To be completely honest, when a young guy can shake your hand firmly and look you in the eye, it’s a very impressive thing!

Sam and a set of HUGE 18" Forgeline wheels, courtesy a "deal he couldn't refuse" from Randy Johnson at D&Z Customs.
Sam Farrington Forgeline Wheels

Sam’s entire family is wild about ’64-’67 Chevelle’s, and he’s been working with his mom, dad, and sister on Chevelle’s since he was a grade school kid. At the 2009 Chevellabration show in Nashville, TN he received an autocross ride from Kyle Tucker in Detroit Speed and Engineering’s ’65 Chevelle Test Car, and he knew at that moment that he’d been hooked into the world of autocrossing muscle cars.

He’s currently in the process of building a Pro Touring car that he’ll be able to wheel once he actually has a driver’s license, and while it was likely never a question that he’d drive a “boxy” Chevelle, he did decide to be different from the rest and go with a 4-door car! (Actually, his mom Debbie autocrosses a 4-door ’64 Chevelle wagon, so she may be the biggest deviant in the entire Farrington clan!)

A photo of the Farrington's that I snapped with my iPhone from their coverage in Popular Hot Rodding Magazine. Image: Popular Hot Rodding

During the interview Sam shared the process of finding his ’67 and how it had to be winched out of a creek bed onto the trailer. He’s been planning the build process for a few years at this point, and like all good build projects it has evolved as it’s come along.

Friends of the Farrington’s have been very supportive of Sam’s project, and many have donated (or nearly donated) a huge slew of parts to help get him started. His Chevelle will roll with Detroit Speed suspension, Kore 3 brakes, a T-56 6-speed transmission picked up by fellow Chevelle pals Chris and Lynda Jacobson (that Mark Bowler from Bowler Transmissions will check over), and will even use the “old” LS3 that spun a bearing from dad’s his Chevelle.

He’ll also be notching the rear frame rails to make room for the massive new Forgeline wheels he picked up from D&Z Customs (he’s planning to run a 335 wide tire on an 18″ wheel). Not too shabby for a high school guy, right?

As an aside, I first met Sam’s parents, Tom and Debbie, at the 2010 SEMA Show when Tom’s silver ’66 Chevelle made it into the 2010 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational. They were kind enough to let me ride shotgun with them on the ride from Las Vegas to the race facility, and even though I had known them for all of 20 minutes they still treated me like family! I had Tom on the show back in 2012. You can check out his interview in Episode 62 of the TMCP Podcast.

Way to go Sam! Congrats on your great build, and I can’t wait to see you at the track! For those that would like to follow along with Sam’s progress, his build thread on can be found here:

-Robert Kibbe

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