TMCP #422: Jeff Allison: Building an AWD 1968 C-20 For YouTube; Pro-Touring Update – Street Metal Concepts on what it’s REALLY like to Build a SEMA Car! Does It Again! This Time On YouTube with a Truck!

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Jeff Allison
Allison Customs

Allison Customs, AWD C-20

This weeks interview is with long time friend, supporter of the show, and builder of my Chevelle, Jeff Allison. As you all know, Jeff was the person who reached out in 2011 to help me transform my Chevelle into my dream pro-touring race car. I never imagined it would go to the level it did, nor did I think it would go to SEMA and be a cover magazine car….but it DID! Since that time Jeff’s shop in New Mexico has continued to grow and has done so in conjunction with his career as a Captain for a major airline. He built ANOTHER Chevelle for a show listener (which is in our archives) – it was beautiful – and it too went to SEMA!

Now he’s working on a Mustang Fastback for Vincent Aiello of the Fighter Pilot Podcast and has also launched a brand new project just for his YouTube Channel – the 2020 C-20. With this project he’ll put a ’68 C-20 GMC Truck atop a 2006 GMC Yukon XL DENALI AWD chassis and showcase the entire build on video! You can find Jeff’s video channel at Project Car TV.

Now…with all of that said, a good part of this interview delved into the REASON to have a YouTube channel as a shop owner, period. Realistically…most people that start YouTube channels are hoping to become a big YouTube star, not to use it as a marketing tool for their business.  In the case of Jeff….it’s marketing now….but perhaps may convert to stardom later. Listen in for the discussion including the costs in time, money, and effort. Shop owners – listen to this one closely!

Thanks for the interview Jeff, we will be watching you on YouTube!

-Rob Kibbe


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The Update:
Street Metal Concepts

Street Metal Concepts

Since the autocross season is still a month away we decided to let Larry have the week off and do an update on My ’64 Chevelle, my favorite Pro-Touring car of all time. Specifically, the PT Update this month is a look back on the 50-day blitz to take the car from rough metal to finished paint and body fitment. The Florida Car Shows website recently did a terrific article on the journey of Zip Simons and Don Endonino on bringing my Chevelle from the ashes in time for the 2013 SEMA show. It was an amazing, exhausting, and business-building journey for them that they’re thankful to have done….and would never EVER do again under the same conditions (rightfully so)!

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