TMCP #387: Warren Customs: Making the General Lee (Dodge Charger) Great Again!

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Nathan Warren
Warren Customs LLC
, Hamilton, Alabama

“Kibbe Lee’s” tail panel did not pass Nathan Warren’s standards. I sanded and repainted it to get it back up to snuff.
General Lee and Warren Customs Version 2 Pushbar Comparison. Ignore the flipped image of the General on the Version 1 picture (I just needed a similar shot).

In this episode Nathan Warren came on to talk about the “season two” updates to my General Lee. It has been a year since Nathan came on the show to talk about the formation and goals of his business….and then offered to showcase his abilities by helping me to convert my car to a screen accurate version of how it would have appeared in Season 2 of the Dukes of Hazzard! Well, fast forward a year, and the car is now there and is in his capable hands. This episode is the update of everything related!

Some of the updates included painting the interior of the trunk orange, a complete re-do of the interior, painting the underhood area, creating a custom firewall cover to mimic what was used on TV, chroming things that were never meant to be chrome, changing out old trim for new, adding in reverse lights, etc.  You know, just a “few” little items.

The BIGGEST hurdle however was the creation of the pushbar on the nose of the car. The ones used in those early years were somewhat inconsistent, but we had a lot of photos of the generation we wanted to make.  This process  really showed how Nathan works – and how making his customers happy is supreme! He created not one – but TWO custom push bars using nothing but pictures and screen shots as a design reference (and a LOT of measurements). His son Nick designed and cut the push bar side plates in CAD at his workplace too Rock City Design.

You can get more information on Warren Customs Auto Body on or on Make sure to look for the hashtag #Kibbelee and you will find the season two conversion photos and articles. For even more Nathan Warren insights check out the Warren Customs You Tube channel. He even recruited his son Will to do sanding and video editing. I love this family!

Thanks for the update Nathan, and for working so hard on the General Lee!
-Rob Kibbe



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