TMCP 378: SEMA 2018 Show #4 – Nate Stacey: IMSA Roush Road Racer, Rick Love of Vintage Air, Heidts Suspension on Tri-5 Chevy’s, Will Baty of Centerforce Clutches, and Classic Recreations making BRAND NEW Boss and Mach 1 Mustangs!

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SEMA Show 2018
Roads Racers, Cold Air, BOSS Mustangs, and Great Rides for Tri-Fives 

Scraptona at Sema 2018

This weeks installment is the fourth and last of our LIVE from the show floor episodes from SEMA 2018. This time Bernie and I talked to IMSA driver Nate Stacey of Roush Performance Road Racing, Todd Westberg of Heidts Suspensions, Rick Love from Vintage Air, Will Baty from Centerforce Clutches, and we learned about licensed BOSS and Mach 1 Mustangs with Jason Engal from Classic Recreations. It was a pretty great week!

Nate Stacey Roush Road racing

Interview #1 : We’ll start this show with a great interview with Nate Stacey from Roush Performance Road Racing.  Nate drives the No. 60 Scudo Wallets Ford Mustang GT4. What’s remarkable about Nate is that at just 19 years old he has the poise and perspective of a racing veteran! At age 13 he was licensed to race nationally and by age 14 Nate was racing a Volvo touring car in the Pirelli World Challenge with his pro license. Once he hooked up with Ford he began racing Mustangs and soon was recognizable in the pits. He’s now with Roush and is (by his own admission) getting the chance to do something that few people will ever get to achieve; become a profession race car driver! His “alternate” career choice is something suitable to millennials as well; e-sports!

Rick Love of Vintage Air

Interview #2 : Rick Love of Vintage Air is a staple at SEMA show and has been there since almost the beginning. He said it has grown exponentially since those days and he remembers when there was more room than people. Every year Vintage Air bring some new and innovative products and this year was no exception. Bolt in dash panel replacements that look stock but add Vintage Air control so you can have the comfort and look totally stock. The Vintage Air special will return next summer and we thank Rick for his tremendous support for the show.

Interview #3 : My first interview at SEMA 2018 was with Todd Westburg Director of Operations and Engineering at Heidts Suspension Systems. I asked him about the new offerings they have for many different popular muscle cars and hot rods. Independent rear suspension designs are something well received by Heidts customers, and they now have an amazing array of offering for Tri-Five Chevy’s as well INCLUDING brand new replacement Chevrolet licensed frames. If that’s not enough, a full scratch built pro chassis is available as well!

Will Baty of Centerforce Clutches

Interview #4 :  The final interview from SEMA 2018 was consudcted by show producer Bernie McPartland in the Centerforce Clutch booth.  He talked to Will Baty (otherwise known as “Mr Clutch”) about many of the quality offerings displayed. Centerforce is THE provider of performance clutches to Ford Performance, which lent well to the BOSS Mustang in the booth provided by Jason Engel of Classic Recreations. Jason’s company has been licensed by Ford to produce both the BOSS and MACH 1 line of the ’69 and ’70 Mustangs, an honor given to him due to his years of experience and expertise building amazing pony cars from stem to stern. The car be brought to the show was born as a real original Mustang, but in the future he’ll also be able to produced vehicles with their own new VIN once the low vehicle production act is finally fully enacted.

And that marks our final SEMA show this year! Don’t forget, The Kibbe and Finnegan show together with Silver Sport Transmissions is giving away a TCI EZ TCU electronic transmission controller package. Details will follow soon so keep an eye on our Instagram channel for the announcement soon.

-Rob Kibbe


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