TMCP #331: Chris Phillip – Dream Giveaways has Burt’s Bandit Trans Am Waiting for You!

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Dream Giveaway
How Do They Giveaway Those Great Cars

Dream Giveaway staff with Burt Reynolds Bandit Trans Am

This weeks interview is with Chris Phillip, Director of Communications for Dream Giveaway, an organization that offers opportunities to win “halo cars” while raising money for charities. Chris has a long history in publishing and is good friends with previous guest Jim Campisano . He has been involved with other industry publications but describes himself as a car guy at heart.

Dream Giveaway 1000hp Hellscat Challenger

The cars that Dream Giveaway procures are not your low end, 20 footer car that people would actually be embarrassed to win. These cars are inspected and verified to be high end vehicles that winners can enjoy for a lifetime. The staff at Dream Giveaway are real car people that know what vehicles are popular and valuable. This knowledge shows in the selection and caliber of their giveaway offerings. They want to make sure to give cars that they want to own

Burt Reynolds and the Bandit Dream Giveaway Car

He told me that not only do you get a chance to win but it is a tax deductible charity donation at the same time. The donations go directly to the “promotion sponsor” which is a charity that is responsible for the promotion. There are also other charities that benefit from the fundraising so the money goes to more than one great cause. They offer a different promotion every couple months and run the giveaway

Chris and Dream Giveaway has offered the listeners of The Muscle Car Place a special deal of 25% more tickets when you spend $25 or more at Dream Giveaway. Just use the promo code “MUSCLE” at

Thanks Chris for the interview and for the great deal for Muscle Car Place listeners.

-Rob Kibbe

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