TMCP #277: “DukesCast” Returns with Mike Finnegan – Our Review of Episode 2 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

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Dukes Episode 2, filming at Starr Recording Studio (photo by This is likely General Lee #4. Note the lack of numbers on the drivers door!

This week I bring you another special edition of Dukes Cast with Mike Finnegan. This time we covered episode two from the first season of our favorite childhood TV show, The Dukes of Hazzard. Mike likes to do this so much that he even skipped installing new high performance parts on his boat to watch the show!

This episode is called “Daisy’s Song”. In it Daisy has been duped by a couple of shysters in the recording industry and after paying to have a song she wrote, getting Bo and Luke involved to get her money back. Mike and I notice that this episode is still on the coarse side compared to later episodes and that many characters are still developing. Daisy makes some pretty unforgettable scenes and we are introduced to the premise of the show all over again by the balladeer (Waylon Jennings).

Lukes famous hood slide (image via )

Through out the interview Mike and I get sidelined by other topics like comparing the General Lee to the General Mayhem and how fun it was driving around Dirt Fish in a Charger. We have so much fun with this interview that we have already recorded the next one.

Stay tuned next month for another special edition of Dukes Cast with Mike Finnegan.

Yeeeee Hawwww!

-Rob Kibbe


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