TMCP #271: How to Get Started With Your Own Engine Tuning Using HP Tuners!

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HP Tuners Mustang
HP Tuners Mustang

This weeks interview is with Patrick Burris from HP Tuners to explain how the HP Tuners system works and what it can do for you! Whenever I’ve put out a question regarding which system offers the most flexibility and is most commonly used, HP Tuners has always come to the top of the list. As such, since it’s a new year and we all have new goals, I thought it might be fun to chat about getting started with some new engine tuning skills!

I asked Patrick about the HP Tuner system and he said the interface cable is the key they to the whole system. You use the cable to connect the computer to the vehicle and you can upload your “tunes” as many times as you like. The access is provided by purchasing credits to use towards programming your vehicle. Once your VIN has been synced to your interface cable, it can be used over and over to update change and reset your engine control system (meaning you purchase credits by the VIN, not by the number of times you tweak the tune). This means that your interface cable can also be used by engine tuning shops to save them the expense of purchasing (and charging you for) a credit!

The HP Tuners systems can also be used to diagnose your vehicle. It is able to read diagnostic codes as well as display sensor data for even more in depth investigation. When it comes to gaining a “tuning education” though, the HP Tuners forums, classes, and experience are the key. As the great Yoda once said, “there is no try….only DO!”

You can check out the HP Tuners products at or you can find out what is going on at

Thanks, Patrick!

-Rob Kibbe


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