TMCP #228: Jeremy Miranda with Miranda Built’s Amazing and Awe Inspiring ’67 Nova!

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1967 Nova by Miranda Built
1967 Nova by Miranda Built

This weeks interview is with Riddler Award AND Good Guys Ultimate Street Machine winning custom car builder Jeremy Miranda. Jeremy’s interest in cars started very early and he got it from watching his dad tinkering around the house with lawn mowers and other things. At age 14 his dad said that he would match dollar for dollar anything Jeremy saved towards a car. That deal resulted in a $2400.00 ’67 Camaro that they worked on together. His dad was a sheetmetal worker by trade so the body work side came naturally. Jeremy’s dad died a couple years later and he has carried on in his memory.

1967 Nova Interior details. iPad control center.
1967 Nova Interior details. iPad control center.

Miranda Built is the business formed from Jeremy’s passion for customizing vehicles. Over the years he has built custom trucks, worked for a motorcycle fabrication shop, and then started his own business so he could control his destiny. The cars built at Miranda are high tech, cutting edge designs that sometimes push the limits while still being a very driveable machine.

The 1967 Nova built by Jeremy’s team at Miranda is not even close to the initial ideas of it’s owner….but that’s a good thing. What started out as a classic vision of skinny front tires and fat racing slicks soon morphed into large scale wheels surrounded by a thin layer of tire and modern electronics. The car appears to ride very low through a combination of frame techniques and visual body effects (with paintwork done by Charley Hutton himself).

The interior is all new, designed with OEM like construction techniques, and nothing like anything that came in a 1967 Chevrolet. The center piece on the interior is the iPod control center that can actually be removed from the car and used via WiFi remotely. The entire vehicle incorporates an ISIS wiring system, which is (essentially) a computer controlled relay system. This Nova handles too, as to qualify for the GoodGuys Ultimate Street Machine title it had to be driven in an auto-cross event. Jeremy says they did not push it hard, but it was there and it completed the task.

If you would like to learn more about Miranda Built you can check them out on the internet at or stay more in touch with the latest happenings on Facebook at

Thanks for the interview, Jeremy! Looking forward to your next creation.

-Rob Kibbe


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