TMCP #224: Advice for Starting You Shop From Home: Become a Customer of Motor State Distributing!

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Many cars attending the 2013 Motor State Challenge at Gingerman
Many cars attending the 2013 Motor State Challenge at Gingerman
Scott Wahlstrom's Mustang Hot Wheels car
Scott Wahlstrom’s Mustang Hot Wheels car

This weeks interview is with Scott Wahlstrom, Marketing Manager for Motor State Distributing. Scott was involved with automotive and mechanical related interests from an early age. His dad was a machinist and encouraged Scott to learn about working on and repairing things. Instead of paying someone to fix broken stuff, his dad would buy the tools and learn how to use them to fix it.

Before he could legally drive, his dad bought him a VW dune buggy to drive in the field and he learned a lot with that too. He was involved with BMX bicycles and building dirt bikes to ride at  Red Bud. He admittedly has an addiction to 1969 and 1970 Mustangs and his passion for them goes back to a neighbor with a hot rod of the same vintage.

Scott Wahlstrom Marketing Manager for Motor State Distributing
Scott Wahlstrom Marketing Manager for Motor State Distributing

Scott said that Lane Automotive got it’s start in the 50’s when George Lane  would drive to Detroit to pick up parts for drag cars he was building, and friends would ask him to pick up goodies for them too. The more he did it the more people would ask him to bring back other parts. He would mark up the parts to cover his costs of driving and figured out that this could be a nice side business. At one point he built a small show room in his garage and would keep some of the boxes of parts he picked up to make it look like he had a lot of inventory on the shelf and showcase what he could get for people.

After a few years he had enough business to quit his regular job and in 1964 Lane Automotive became his full time job. As the business grew it became clear that George could help other businesses with wholesale sales and he created Motor State Distributing as a subsidiary.

Motor State can help small businesses by being the “one call gets it all” shop for many vendors parts. This can save them on shipping and time spent placing orders and let them focus on their business. Motor State and Lane Automotive recognizes the car enthusiast as the driving force of their businesses and they make it a point to be involved with the motorsports that their customers enjoy. They host many events including an annual car show and the Motor State Challenge (MSC).

The Challenge is “Three days of serious car fun” that starts with a leisurely cruise, car show and cookout, moves to a track day at Gingerman Raceway, and finally an autocross day at The Tire Rack. About eight years ago Motor State recognized the Pro Touring movement starting up and made a point to say hey, we are here to help the auto cross, pro touring community. Many people are building pro touring cars in small home shops and that is where Motor State shines by helping with expertise and quality parts.

You can find out more at and at www.motorstate.comIf you are interested in becoming a dealer you can call Jeff at 269-463-4113 x250 or 1800-772-2678


Thanks for the interview Scott and see you at the next Motor State Challenge.

– Rob Kibbe


This interview sponsored by our pals at National Parts Depot – your premier source for muscle car restoration parts!


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