TMCP #216: TMCP Behind the Scenes with Scott Stap: TMCP Journalist and Chevrolet Performance Guru!

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Scott Stap hard at work on his 1969 Charger
Scott Stap hard at work on his 1969 Charger
Scott Stap and the Dodge A100 van
Scott Stap loading up a Dodge A100 van

This week is a behind the scenes interview with the person that writes these very articles…ME! Scott Stap. I have been involved with older and antique cars, trucks and motorcycles since a very young age. My dad (Arlin Stap) taught automotive at Corunna High School and I grew up in an automotive learning environment.

We were always dragging home new projects and it was a weekly event perusing the classifieds looking for mechanical treasures at discount prices. When I became a young teen and figured out the value of a dollar, I started mowing lawns around the neighbor hood.

One house I mowed at had a vehicle in the garage that would literally change my life, a 1969 Dodge Charger RT/SE. Every week after I finished mowing I would hang out in Mr Gonyea’s garage and shoot the breeze while eyeballing the magnificent curves of that coke bottle shape. Of course it helped that I was raised on Dukes shows much like Rob Kibbe and I believed a Charger could fly. That TV show and that car started a lifelong obsession with Chargers that is being passed on to my sons. You will have to listen to the show to find out how that obsession also affected my family life.

I love to attend car shows, cruises, tours, and any event dealing with old muscle, machines, or mayhem. One day I decided to look for podcasts related to muscle cars or hot rods and the first site I found was The Muscle Car Place. I listened for awhile but felt that I could help in some unknown way and started bugging Rob to let me lend a hand. He finally gave in and I have been a part of The Muscle Car Place ever since. My first article was episode 151 and I have been able to preview many of the amazing interviews ever since then.

You can find me on Facebook hanging out on the Michigan Car Cruise Calendar page that I created to keep track of events in the area or hanging out with the Corunna Robotics Team 5084

Thanks for the interview Rob and for the amazing opportunity to help with The Muscle Car Place.

– Scott Stap


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