TMCP #214: Jeff Allison is Back – The Chevelle Lives!

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Jeff doing what Jeff does best – chase down confusing wiring issues! This picture was looking for something in the wiper switch.

Feature Interview:

Jeff Allison

What a difference a week makes! As I shared in our last show, our grand plans of bringing the Chevelle home a few weeks ago were thwarted when we hit wiring problems in the final hours that we just couldn’t resolve. The fuel pump ran, the glove box light worked…..and other than that, everything else seemed dead. Fast forward to today, and the problems have been identified…and solved! As of June 7 2014, the Chevelle now runs again – for the first time in over three years!

I decided to have my buddy Jeff Allison on the show to talk about how he diagnosed the problems, what the big worries were, and (in the end) how simple the fix was.It turns out that the coils on the right side cylinder bank were reversed (so Coil #was trying to fire cylinder #2, Coil #6 was trying to fire cylinder #4, etc.) and that the three wires to the camshaft sensor were criss-crossed in the engine harness. Once those two problems were corrected, she fired up on the first try!

It does appear that we are on track for the Chevelle to return to Iowa yet this month. The new deadline is my birthday, June 24….and it looks possible. The biggest achievement would be making the 4th of July Good Guys show in Des Moines, though. Fingers are crossed!


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