TMCP #199: How Mike Musto and his ’68 Charger Broke into Show Business as the Host of /BIG MUSCLE!

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Mike Musto and his 1968 Charger Mr
Mike Musto and his 1968 Charger
Mike Musto Mr Angrier sm
Mike Musto and his ’69 Daytona

This weeks interview is with New York native and muscle car enthusiast, Mike Musto. You may know Mike from the internet musclecar show known as “/Big Muscle” which is part of the /DRIVE network on You Tube. What you may not know however is that until just a few years ago, he was in an entirely different line of work….and it was making him angry!

He grew up and in New York and while he was working as a web designer at an investment company, his wife made a life changing comment, “You are the angriest person I know”. Mike decided to make it work to his advantage and started Mr Angry Inc. with the intention of selling apparel. While he built up his business he also moonlighted as a writer in automotive publications. At the same time the ’68 Charger he was driving daily started getting attention too. He was approached by a friend in the media business to try out for the reality TV show “Bull Run” (hosted by Bill Goldberg) that would feature his car in different driving situations.

Bull Run got Mike a lot of attention and made it easier to approach the founders of the /DRIVE network and pitch his plan for a muscle car specific show. /Big Muscle is different from any other car show because every car featured is a privately owned vehicle. The  cars are not replaceable or new cars owned by a corporation, and they are most times considered a part of the owners family and cherished as such. Mike says it is important to remember the show exists only because these owners allow him to drive and film their cars. Sometimes they are taken a little aback when Mike and crew roll up in a 22 year old station wagon and not a large Mercedes truck to shoot the episode, but /Big Muscle is created by “Car guys” not fancy film crews and that works just fine for them.

New episodes of /Big Muscle air on You Tube starting in February on the /DRIVE network. You can catch up with Mike on Facebook at or email him at

Thanks Mike for the great interview!

-Rob Kibbe


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