TMCP #198: Rob’s 2014 Goals to Race the Chevelle and a Catch-Up Session with Zip and Don: Chevelle Body Masters!

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My “Florida Connection!” Danny Giustino – third from right – (aka The Godfather) connected us all together. Don and Zip are second and third from left, respectively. Bob, the talented body man and skate boarder (really) is far left. Ryan Chernekoff, second from right, works with Danny and has become a good friend. I’m on the right.

For the first show of 2014 I decided to do something a little different. We still ran a feature interview for the show, but it was a special one I’d been saving up for just the right time. The featured guests were Don Endonino and Zip Simons, the owners of Street Metal Concepts in Orlando, FL, and this brief interview was taken at the close of SEMA 2013, just a few hours before their plane was to depart for home.

If you’ll recall, Zip, Don, their employee Bob, and countless others took the Chevelle in August of 2013 in rough metal, and 50 days later it rolled out with perfect lines and show car caliber paint. They poured their heart, soul, time, and health into the car, and got to see the fruits of their labor in person when the Chevelle made it into the SEMA booth! During the interview we discussed what it was like for them to see the car done in person, and reflect on what had been achieved.

The Simons family, plus Santa. For some reason I really like Zip’s shirt.

2013 ended up quite well for both Zip and Don, as the pictures here reflect. Zip and his wife Brittany were able to spend some quality time together for Christmas with their son Zane (and Santa), and Don and his fiancee Aleisha welcomed a new baby boy just before Christmas – their first!

In case you’re wondering how I got hooked up with a paint and body shop in Orlando (especially since the Chevelle was built by Allison Customs in New Mexico)….well, you have “The Godfather” Danny Giustino to thank for it. Danny is the owner of Muscle Express in Jupiter, FL and has become a good friend over the past couple of years. I turned to him first when Jeff Allison and I needed some advice on where to get the Chevelle paint and body done, given we had a limited budget and no time.

Don and Maddox, taking a siesta!

He knew he couldn’t complete the job in time, but put us on to Zip and Don. The rest is history! (By the way, if you’d like to hear a full interview with Zip and Don about how they approach body work, what they do, and why they do it, check out TMCP Episode #183).

The reason I’m running this interview now is that as I plan for 2014, I can’t help but be thankful for the incredible friends and experiences this business has afforded me. There’s nothing like starting off a new year by being grateful for what you’ve been given, right?


Rob’s 2014 Goals

I like to start out each new year by setting some pretty big goals to achieve, so in this show I thought I’d share mine with you. I’ve been doing this with my wife since about 2008, and while I haven’t achieved absolutely everything on my lists, I have hit most of them. Of course, just setting goals has no real value without the steps to put them into play, but by sharing them and explaining them to people I’ve found that the course of that helps make the steps more clear.

Anyway, since the Chevelle is just about ready to roll, and since it’s time to take a fresh look at things, here are a few goals I plan to hit. Hopefully it encourages you to set a few goals of your own as well!

Financial – New van for my wife, pay off house, finish the Chevelle, different daily driver, take family trip to Disneyland, buy a ‘69 Charger to be a pure track car. Big goal is be a millionaire by 40 (1.5 years to go). I do have a salary goal in mind as well – $120,000/yr this year. No, I’m not at that now…..but that’s what I’m gunning for. I need to grow my income to make it happen!

Intellectual – continue reading books on business, listening to podcasts, growth – one book/month is my goal

Spiritual – spend time each night reading the Word with my family.

Physical – get back down to 185! I’m still over 200 right now. Stupid delicious Christmas food.

Family – be home for dinner every night, make the ball games, stop coming into work at night, take my wife on 2 dates per month.

Social – Go out with friends at least 2x per month. For no reason, other than to have fun.

Career – Get down to working on TMCP one day per week, race the Chevelle at least once a month at a Pro-Touring event will my pal Jeff Allison – and get a TV show. Grow new business opportunities that have been in motion the past few months with my close friends (I’m not spilling all of the beans here – yet).

Fun – Attend Bobby Ore Stunt Driving School, Bondurant Driving school, and start running SCCA events regularly.

-Rob Kibbe


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