TMCP #197: The 2013 Santa Claus Muscle Car Extravaganza!

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Santa Claus himself, clearly sitting in a 4th gen Camaro…..wearing a pretty sweet jacket!

S. Claus, Esquire

This week, our annual year-end guest was back on the show again. He’s known far and wide by many names: Old Saint Nick, Pere Noel, etc., but we all know him best as the one and only Santa Claus! This marks Santa’s 5th annual appearance on our show (previous shows included Episode 28, Episode 67, Episode 114, and Episode 160), and if I do say so myself this is his best one yet! Somehow, some way, Santa has kept this bit as entertaining and fun as ever, but I’m starting to think he may be related to Ron Burgandy (you’ll have to listen to find it).

During the interview we discussed all of the topics you might guess we would, such as his new 4-hoof reindeer dyno, his thoughts on the 2015 Mustang, and (of course) how little kids can still get their Christmas letters to him before he takes off on his big flight!

If you’d like to track Santa’s path on Christmas Eve, simply visit to watch his progress in real-time. They also have free apps for Windows, Android, and iOs devices there as well!

Thanks for the interview, Santa!

-Robert Kibbe

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The Real Reason for the Season

Linus Van Pelt, from Peanuts. Image credit goes to Charles Schultz!

Of course, I’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about the REAL reason for the season, and that of course if the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. If the hustle and bustle of Christmas has you missing the point of it all, not to worry. Linus Van Pelt helped Charlie Brown with the same question a long time ago, so I’ll take his lead here and read Luke 2: 8-14.

If you’ve been meaning to learn more about why that’s significant, or perhaps it’s something you walked away from a long time ago, know that you can always come home….and Christmas would be a terrific time to do it!


Thank YOU!

This is the last podcast from The MuscleCar Place for 2013. Thank YOU for listening all year long, and helping me chase the dream of loving old cars for a living.  See you in 2014!

Merry Christmas from The MuscleCar Place  and have a Happy New Year!

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