TMCP #196: How Brian Hobaugh Won the 2013 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational in His Almost Stock ’65 Corvette!

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Brian Hobaugh's 1965 Corvette OUSCI Winner
Brian Hobaugh’s 1965 Corvette OUSCI Winner

This weeks interview is with Brian Hobaugh, driver and co-owner of the 2013 OUSCI winning, 1965 Corvette Fuelie. Brian’s exposure to autocross racing goes all the way back to age 6 when he and his dad attended some local autocross events and became hooked on it. His dad decided to give it a try and “borrowed” mom’s just purchased 1974 Camaro and has been autocrossing ever since!

Brian went to the track just about every weekend with dad and watched him race cars like a 65 Mustang, or a Rambler but never any thing fancy. Around 1978 dad picked up a 1972 Z28 which was more radical than anything before. In 1983 SCCA came out with a new B “Street Prepared” class and the Z28 was sold and picked up a 1965 Corvette “Fuelie”. The Vette was previously purchased new with the full intention of racing it. The original owner almost immediately cut open the fenders for bigger tires and hand laid on the fender flares that are still on the car today.

Brian, his dad, and the ‘Vette at SEMA 2013 – prior to running the OUSCI

People who see the Corvette now, initially believe that it is a current high feature vehicle with all the latest toys and highest tech. Brian enjoys the extreme jaw drop he witnesses when they find out that this car has very little new under it. Other than the JRI adjustable shocks and some slightly different springs, the bulk of the suspension is almost completely original!

As Brian said in the interview, it is easier to say what has been changed then what has not. A couple of the biggest changes recently are the newer 18″ Aristo wheels with Falken 315 series tire and the addition of Wilwood Brakes spec 37 rotors to all four corners.

In 2013 Wilwood Brakes once again sponsored Brian and he did not disappoint by taking both the Wilwood Speed Stop Challenge and the  overall OUSCI event winner. You can find videos of Brian and the Vette in the Road Course, the Autocross, and the Wilwood Speedstop Challenge.

You can also see the /DRIVE Network Big Muscle video dedicated to Brian’s Corvette. If was that video where I first learned the true history of Brian’s Corvette, and was what inspired me to reach out to Brian as well. As an aside, if you haven’t checked out Mike Musto and the team at Big Muscle, you need to. I give huge props to them for their excellent story telling and videography of some of the coolest muscle cars out there (and the people behind them).

During the interview Brian did delve a bit into racing suspension setup, shocks, tires and more. You can contact Brian at Car West where he is the manager of one of the nicest, plushest body shops out there. Car West is also responsible for the current red paint job on the Corvette.

Thanks for the great interview Brian, and congrats on the OUSCI win!

– Rob Kibbe

Brian and his dad, just after the big OUSCI win. Which guy looks prouder? (Hint: the one on the left.)


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