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The fantastic “Bullitt” version of the 2013 Hotchkis SEMA booth! Both vehicles featured full Hotchkis suspension packages, including the debut of the Mustang package! The Charger is owned by Patrick Warburton.


This weeks podcast is comprised of five companies from the 2013 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show. Over the next couple weeks I will be bringing you several more interviews from the show as it is a great place to meet people, learn new things, and see some pretty amazing cars.

1. Hotchkis Suspension  – John Hotchkis talked to me about how huge SEMA has gotten in recent years and the state of the muscle car market place in general. He also told me about the great packages now available for Mustangs. The thing that caught my eye though was the fabulous display featuring a 67 Mustang and a 69 Charger is an action pose that almost anyone will recognize. You will have to listen to the podcast to find out the famous owner of the Charger.

The Ring Brothers (far left) at the debut of their widebody carbon-fiber Mustang kit!

2. Ring Brothers – Mike and Jim, founders of Ring Brothers in Spring Green Wisconsin. They showed me the modifications they made and body panels they created and bonded to a 1965 Mustang “wide body”. They were able to  add 2 inches to each side at the quarters and doors. The car they had on display was unfinished so SEMA attendees could see how the panels were made and installed. They told me the fiberglass and carbon fiber panels were bonded on the car and they are quieter and lighter than steel panels.

3. Muscle Mustang Magazine – I talked to Marc Christ a couple interviews ago about the Project Hypersilver 1988 Mustang, and here at SEMA I witnessed it’s unveiling. It may have been the lack of sleep or just how amazing the car looked at the unveiling but I admit, I got misty eyed at the sight. Marc Christ and Mustang Muscle did a great job on the Mustang.

4. HRE Wheels – Alan Peltier is the president of HRE Wheels and an engineer with a history in aviation. We discussed the flexibility and quality of HRE Wheels. I also talked to Steve Strope about previous SEMA cars, Keystones, and HRE Wheels. Un-sprung weight is very important and reducing wheel weight is worth three times what it would be on the car. HRE wheels can save weight, be very strong and custom built specifically for your project.

5. Karl Performance – Karl Performance is a one stop shop that can make “Peoples Horsepower Dreams Come True”. Ryan talked about the capabilities of Karl Performance and what the future may hold in the Chevelle for horsepower. I pointed out to Ryan that there is additional room under the hood for other accessories and he gave me a scoop that Karl Performance is currently working on a supercharger package of their own. You heard it first on the Muscle Car Place Podcast!

I would like to thank all the interviewees and I look forward to talking to you more over the next year!

-Rob Kibbe


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