TMCP #191: Jeff Allison on The Final Chevelle Thrash, Cool New Gauges from Redline Gauge Works, and the Last Show Before SEMA!

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Jeff and I together in March of 2011, just after we decided to do the Chevelle project together. It’s been 2 years and 7 months since then of non-stop effort and miracles!

Friends, this is the show that’s been over 2.5 years in the works. Our guest today is Jeff Allison, Owner of Allison Customs, and builder of my Chevelle. If you recall, this all started in February of 2011, and since that time it’s been a crazy push of effort, miracles, and you-name-it to bring the car to fruition. During the show we discussed everything that is happening (and will need to happen) to get the Chevelle to SEMA 2013 for it’s world debut from the Ron Francis Wiring booth. In addition, due to schedule and timing of everything, this will be the final show out until we’re home from SEMA!

I’ll leave the technical details for the show itself, but in the end we’ll be going through a massive assembly process up until the very last second. The only “hard” deadline we have left is that the car must roll into the booth at 8AM on Monday November 4. There is a huge laundry list of stuff that must be done, including interior assembly, wiring completion, a few areas of finish welding, and on and on and on. Nothing 3 motivated guys can’t handle, right?

New gauges from Redline Gauge Works! Chevelle gurus will appreciate the 160MPH reference (only offered on the ’65 Chevelle Z16). The full sweep tach looks like something Chevy should have made….but never did for the ’64. The multi function gauge is a combo of what was offered in a ’64 SS Chevelle….but is functional with a modern LS engine.

From a scheduling perspective, life is going to be on the tight side for the next few weeks. Next Wednesday (Oct 30) my pal Aaron and I will head out to New Mexico to help with the final push, then load the car up and head out to the show. It’ll be a whirlwind trip that will include not only bringing the car to SEMA itself, but also where I’ll compete in the SEMA YEN Launch Pad competition to (hopefully) win the support and exposure needed to take The MuscleCar Place to the big time. My wife Laura will join me in Vegas for the competition, to see the car, and also to meet all of these crazy people that I’ve been telling her about. I’m looking forward to her being there most of all.

-Rob Kibbe

p.s. Check out this video of my new gauge cluster, built by Redline Gauge Works. The gauges are have all modern internals, but look just like something that would have come in a ’64 Chevelle. This video is the “welcome ceremony” that the gauges make when powered up.

Redline Gauge Works.
Redline Gauge Works.


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