TMCP #187: Live from Cars and Coffee at Karl Performance, and the Chevelle is Off to the Paint Booth!

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A big block ’71 Chevelle on a morning dyno run at Karl’s. This one was getting ready to meet it’s new owner!

Live from Cars and Coffee at Karl Performance!


In this week’s podcast show I had the chance to do something I’ve always wanted to – broadcast live from “Cars and Coffee” event. While these types of events are common in California, Texas, and Florida (i.e. places that are warm year round), in Iowa it’s somewhat of a hard thing to come by….until now!

Anyone up for alligator skin interior? They do it at Karl’s….and use the same supplier as Ralph Lauren does!

Karl Performance (the shop that built the LS3 for my Chevelle) hosts a monthly Cars and Coffee event at their shop where they open the entire place up to the public and let people roam anywhere they wish. People have the chance to see the interior shop, engine dyno, chassis dyno, restoration and build facilities, and everywhere in between. They even provide fresh coffee and donuts!

In the interview segment you’ll hear several guests who I had the chance to speak with including:

Dave Carnock – Shop Manager and ’37 Nash Owner
Steve Weigel – Yello Lambo
Nick Mackress – Blue Supercharged 2004 GTO
Brian Hawber – Yellow 2005 GTO
John Puckett – ’83 Mercury Capri – Hot Rod Drag Week Competitor
Josie Steeples – LS Powered 280Z
Brett Watertore – Interior Shop Manager
Kirk Van Dam – 2014 Camaro SS RS ILE
4 Practical Jokers

Thanks for the opportunity to cover the event!

Dave Carnock’s ’37 Nash
Steve Weigel’s yellow ’04 Lambo!
Carl Moyer’s ’56 Corvette “Z06”
Josie Steeples LS Powered 280Z!
Kirk Van Dam’s 2014 Camaro SS/RS 1LE


Chevelle Update!

I know that more than a few of you have been following the Chevelle’s paint at body status at Street Metal Concepts, but as a little teaser for next week I thought I’d include a few pictures from the most recent events. Long story short, after 46 days of welding, mending, tweaking, and preparing…..the Chevelle is off to the paint booth!

Zip (keeled over with joy) and Don – with the Chevelle loaded for the paint booth! Photo: John Ray
Chevelle under dawn light, ready to roll out. The interior, engine bay, and trunk area have all been finished. Photo: John Ray
Off to the booth! Photo: John Ray
The first photo of white paint! Trunk lid, front filler panel, and cowl are done. For those that didn’t know the Chevelle will have a spoiler….now you know!


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