TMCP #91{Vincent Aiello: From Fighter Jets to Muscle Cars!

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E. Vincent "Jell-O" Aiello - in flight in his F/A-18.
E. Vincent “Jell-O” Aiello – in flight in his F/A-18.

Disclaimer: The comments of this show’s guest are his opinion and do not constitute official United States Government policy.

This week’s podcast guest is Vincent Aiello – a real life fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy! Vincent has been a listener of The MuscleCar Place podcast for a while now and reached out to me to say he was enjoying the show. His interest in speed lies not only in fast fighter jets, but also in muscle cars and proves the thought that I’ve always hopes was true; fighter jets are the muscle cars of the sky!

Unlike a lot of muscle car guys Vincent did not grow up in the garage every weekend wrenching on cars. His passion was to fly in the military, and thus his education and interests were directed there. While he’s humble to admit it, the position he has attained as a Naval Aviator is one that few achieve, and an even slimmer few end up as fighter pilots. To top that off he’s gone through Top Gun (yes, that Top Gun) and has even been a Top Gun instructor!

Vincent taking his brother, nephews, and son out for a cruise in the Impala.
Vincent taking his brother, nephews, and son out for a cruise in the Impala.

His interest in muscle cars came as a package deal with his wife combined with his need for speed. Her dad had a 4-speed ’65 Impala convertible that Vincent now cruises in with his boys and allows his something to tinker with. In addition, a ’68 Camaro convertible project is sitting under a tarp somewhere just waiting to get started on, and it’s Vincent’s goal to add one more muscle car to the fleet. He’d like each of his 3 boys to eventually have one of the cars!

Be sure to catch the bonus footage at the end of the show where Vincent compares the launch of an FA-18 from an aircraft carrier to a top fuel dragster. You’ll also learn what it’s like to land a fighter on an aircraft carrier at night!

Thanks for the interview, Vincent, and thanks for your service to our country!

-Robert Kibbe

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