The Big “I Need Your Help” Reminder: PodcastOne Write-In Campaign on August 25 at 1PM EDT!

Freeeeeze! The PodcastOne Write-In starts on August 25!

TMCP Listeners,

Just wanted to put out one last reminder that the Mass Write-In Campaign to request that The MuscleCar Place be added to the Podcast One network is today (August 25, 2015) at 1PM EDT!The link to use at that time is:

I know that you’re busy and have a million requests of your time each day, which is the reason for this extra reminder (Lord knows I would need it for something like this as well).  I laid out all of the big reasons for this campaign last week, so if you feel this is something that you would like to participate in please know that it’s something I would truly appreciate, but certainly don’t expect.

I have had a few people ask if they should go ahead and submit a request to PodcastOne, even if they can’t hit the coordinated time of 1PM EDT. My answer there is….by all means, move forward whenever and however you see fit! My only request is that you give them your honest reasoning behind why you feel the show is a good fit for their big-time network, and tell them what you truly think (not just what you you think they’d want to hear). We’ve made it this far by playing it straight, right?

Thanks again for your support!

-Rob K


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