K&F Show #160: The All New RAM TRX – Raptor Killer? Summer Movie Fan-Vote ReRun: Smokey and the Bandit!

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Summer Movie Re-Run: You asked for it and you got it! Our final Summer Move Re-run was voted on by fans….and it’s a re-run of the Kibbe and Finnegan review os Smokey and the Bandit in 2017 – KAFS Episode #31. 2017 marked the 40th anniversary of the movie so we chose to break it down in just the way you think we would: focusing on Gleason’s most inappropriate yet fantastic swear-laced-liners and talking about flying Trans Am’s. Quite frankly, without Smokey and the Bandit the Dukes of Hazzard would never have been a reality. As a total bonus, there are THREE future Dukes of Hazzard stars in this movie as well. This movie is a perfect 10 our of 10 corndogs!

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TMCP #370: Dave Hall from Restore A Muscle Car on Trans Ams, The Restoration Business, and Working with Burt Reynolds; Pro-Touring Update with Larry Callahan – Good Guys Colorado Results

Today’s show is with Dave Hall, founder of Restore a Muscle Car, lover of Trans Am (and all muscle cars), and even a past show guest (episode 38). Restore A Muscle Car is an impressive restoration business that he and his wife have built together that restores all muscle cars, but is always the one I think of first when it comes to the “Bandit” Trans Am. They also had a close relationship with Burt Reynolds (The Bandit) himself!

TMCP #367: Brotherly Love at it’s Best – A Pontiac Firebird Restored in Memoriam; The Pro-Touring Update Featuring Larry Callahan’s 21st Century 6-banger ’55 Chevy

Today’s show is perhaps one of the most important we’ve ever done at TMCP, and frankly speaking – it’s the real reason this show started in the first place. Our guest is Brandon Bailey, a man I’ve never met in person but one that I was convinced my my great friend Kirk Hansen that I needed to know. Brandon had just purchased Kirk’s Firebird in order to restore it as the feature car for a very-soon upcoming fundraiser to raise money in memoriam for the family of his best friend Daniel. This is the story of that journey.

Branden Bailey had a best friend, Daniel Reed and they met at a sandlot baseball game before they were teenagers. These two became best friends as close as brothers and did everything together. They grew up riding bikes, playing football, and watching Smokey and the Bandit enough to wear out the tape. When Daniel was offered a 1980 Firebird his dreams of a car like in the movie came true. The boys spent many hours changing motors and fixing on the Firebird and driving around having a great time. Daniel was struck by a car while riding his motorcycle to work and passed away. Local friends and relatives put together a memorial run to raise money for his 8 year old son and wife that he left behind. Branden said around 70 cars showed up for the drive and everyone had a great time.

K&F Show #31: Smokey and the Bandit!

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TMCP eBay Pick{1978 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird

One day each week we’ll list a cool project car or a nice driver for sale here from eBay Motors.  We’ll try to keep the price to a max of $20,000 for full driver cars.  For project cars, no more than $5,000. Visit us every day, or just click the flame to get it via […]

The end of Pontiac? Where is my Trans Am? Someone call Burt Reynolds!

It seems that every time I create a new blog post about muscle cars, it drifts into something related to the current state of the American auto industry, sour as it is.  This post is (unfortunately) no exception as the American auto industry is what originally created the cars we all know and love.  If […]