TMCP #581: ASK RICK – Independence Day Special Edition! Growing Up Inside an All American Business – $25K American Investment Cars

It is JULY and time for another riveting Ask Rick segment where I ask him the tough questions! Happy Independence Day and make sure you stay safe with the fireworks. The Fourth is when we celebrate our independence and our freedom from oppression of the English monarchy by blowing up some stuff! This month I askeded Rick what his most memorable family tradition around this holiday and then I traveled with him down memory lane where he recalled his younger days and the early start of NPD. Growing up inside the All American business wasn’t always what it appears to be on the outside…and there are lessons to learn here about tenacity and the true cost of success. We also reviewed about all American vehicles to buy (for lest that $25,000) and hold for the best ROI in 5 years. Here’s a hint: Lil’ Red Express!

TMCP #579: ASK RICK – Summertime Parade Car Businesses; Evaluating a 4-Year College Degree in an Automotive Restoration; The Biggest International Muscle Car Parts Customers; OEM Retirements and a Changing of the Guard!

It is June and time for another riveting Ask Rick segment where I ask him the tough questions! The big event for the month is Flag Day! It is also the start of summer and time for vacations and traveling around to see this great country of ours or maybe another country. This month we dug into the realities of shipping to international customers (by the container load), the retirements of BIG names at Dodge and Chevy, and the value of a 4-year college degree in automotive education. The we followed it up by guessing at the best vehicles to buy for the summer – to use as parade vehicles – that you could sell at the end and make a great ROI!

It is the fifteenth year for The Muscle Car Place Podcast and it has come a long ways since it’s lowly beginnings and I thank you, the listener of coming along on the journey. I have been blessed with some amazing opportunities and the connections to meet incredible people and to share it all with you The Muscle Car Place audience.

TMCP #578: Fifteen Years Of The Muscle Car Place With Jeff Allison – How To Build Cars And Gain A Family

This week marks the fifteenth anniversary of The Musclecar Place podcast and all of the adventures that have ensued since then. Fifteen years ago I had a dream to start a radio show where I could talk about fast classic cars and meet people that build, race or buy and sell those vehicles. The one “guest” that has been on the show more than any of them, and has had a bigger impact than all of them, is Jeff Allison. Jeff is the one that stepped up and took a huge chance and changed both of our lives forever. In this interview we take a trip down memory lane and recollect how we met and built a race car that went to SEMA and made a family out of a podcast.

TMCP #577: Pro-Touring Update with Tom Farrington – Insider Scoop on Attending and Racing in Pro-Touring Events

It’s once again is the quarterly Pro-Touring Update, Presented by Ron Francis Wiring, and normally starring Mr. Larry Callahan! BUT, Due to unforeseen circumstances we have a special guest host, Mr. Tom Farrington!
Tom has been on the show before way back in Episode #62 and a quick search of the internet returns many other interviews and articles ever since then. He and his wife Debbie are mainstays at Pro-Touring tracks and has a vast knowledge of the ins and outs of racing and attending these events. We asked Tom to give this quarter’s update due to his high lack of participation in events. Basically, Tom’s in the know!
Be sure to stay all the way to the end on this one…..because our favorite firstborn kid is just about to graduate from high school. Emily will be attending Drake University this fall to study education and minor in music. Her birth was the big reason I knew I needed to find a new way to do life to achieve all of the dreams we wanted to attempt…and TMCP was one of the outcomes of that. Long story short, if you dig these shows, you have her to thank. Congrats, Em!

TMCP #575: Life on the Auction Block with John Kraman – LIVE INTERVIEW From The MECUM Auction Sales Floor!

This week we have a special interview that was recorded LIVE from the auction floor interview at MECUM in Houston Texas. Our intrepid producer Bernie McPartland caught up with TV personality and voice of MECUM Auctions on The MotorTrend Network, John Kraman. To say John has been in the car business a long time does little to explain just how long. This was an insight into what has become the biggest collector car auction company in the world, all told from the catbird seat!

TMCP #572: Tom Scarpello of Revology Cars – Bringing New “OEM” Quality ’65-’68 Mustangs into the 21st Century

This week I spoke to Tom Scarpello, President and founder of Revology in his facility in Orlando Florida! Revology is seemingly doing the impossible; creating a profitable company that survives (and thrives) by bringing a single classic Mustang platform into a 21st Century as a capable daily-driver by modern standards. There are a few other companies doing things like Revology, but to my knowledge this is the only company striving to be good at the “boring” stuff like reducing wind noise, squeaks, rattles, and creating high end comfortable interiors from OEM stock materials. Their door gaps are specifically set for long term use – not just awesome looking floor appeal. They’re building the quality of cars far closer to a new Porsche than a Pro-Touring old Mustang. For all of this, I had to see it in person!

TMCP #569: ASK RICK: Best ROI on Auction Cars and How A Presidential Election Affects Restoration Parts Sales

Rick’s Take on the Presidential Election 2024:

Every four years we experience a Leap year and another round of picking a new president. With this event comes another round of presidential ads, throwing of mud, and an substantial amount of finger pointing. I have heard many times in the past from suppliers regarding their outlook on the future around an election cycle and many will stop any unnecessary spending based on the uncertainly of the outcome of an election. Some will even cut out expensive trade shows (SEMA included) that they would normally attend in an attempt to save up for the rainy day they believe is headed their way.

I decided to ask Rick what his experiences were regarding this phenomenon. NPD is run very conservatively and keeps higher than normal reserves for low times and fluctuations in the market so Ricks response was very interesting. He said that he does indeed notice a flattening in sales in relation to a Presidential election. That said, it’s not just at election time, but over the whole election year. It seems like everyone gets nervous and holds back on spending. Once the whole thing is over and the parties have been decided, Rick says that people generally go back to buying for their hobbies and it is back to business as usual.

TMCP #564: 15 Year Anniversary Throwback – The Time I Landed Richard Petty, The King of NASCAR!

It is hard to believe that in May of 2024 it will have been fifteen years since I carved out a hole in my basement and started recording this podcast! Many listeners have tuned in and followed along as I met people from all across the automotive world and simply asked the questions we all wanted to know about business and cars. I had no idea that 15 years later I’d still be in the business, nor did I have a clue what a life defining thing this would become. In a nutshell, this podcast (and you) have changed my life.

I am blessed to have started the show during the pre-podcast boom and have been able to use it to go places and see things that were far above my punching weight. I’ve had backstage passes, met stars, and attended events with all of you listeners along for the ride. I’ve raised a family along with way too, lost a parent, and had the chance to build and drive cars with my best friends. You have given back to me with friendship and support for chasing my dreams while creating a place we all can enjoy, The Muscle Car Place.

Many great and exciting things have happened since that start but one of my most memorable was getting to talk to the King himself, Richard Petty. At the time the “new” Challenger was still fairly new,  and who knew it would go on for another twelve years and the most amazing cars that were not even imagined yet. It was pretty exciting to see Daytonas once again on the streets, even if in limited numbers, as Petty Garage made special editions of the Challenger with the iconic nose and wing of the NASCAR heydays. I did get to ask him about his racing career and recorded every glorious second of the conversation in Episode #76 way back in 2011.

In every great sitcom there is the throwback episode where they queue the wobbly lines and memories from previous episodes come back based on a vague story line. This week the throwback episode, is my interview with Richard Petty. Enjoy!