TMCP #426: Kevin Brown from Junkyard Digs on Rescuing Abandoned Rusty Filthy Terrifying Cars! Ask Rick – The Dying Art of a Manual Transmission and Evaluating ’69 Camaro’s for Investment

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This week our guest was Kevin Brown from the YouTube channel “Junkyard Digs.” Kevin is currently a college student as well as an Armed Serviced Veteran. Together with his friends Luke and “Mook” they are growing an automotive adventure show centering on seeking out old abandoned (and usually gross and rusty) cars, getting then running, and documenting the mis-adventure of it all! It’s somewhat like “Roadkill, The Next Generation.”

Yes, Holley is the official EFI source for The MuscleCar Place Network! If that’s not enough, they have just announced that with the help of Prestige Motorsports, Dart, and TorqStorm, they’ve concocted a 427 cubic inch, twin-supercharged combo that is capable of sending absurd levels of good old-fashioned V8 horsepower to the pavement! The retail value of all of the components totals up to $23,364.44 and all you have to do to get a shot at winning is to SIGN UP! Here is the direct link to use: