K&F Show #52: We Failed at Buying a ’69 Charger in Only 30 Minutes, Dukes of Hazzard Review: The Legacy – S3 Episode 12

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Dukes Episode: Where to start. This episode is all about having a love life over the age of 60. An old flame of Jesse’s (and Boss’s) comes back to town to find the treasure left to her by her now-deceased husband. The catch? It’s moonshine – a lot of it – and Bo and Luke have to help her collect it and sell it to Boss without getting caught, else they’ll spend the rest of their lives in prison eating nuclear waste. In the grand scheme of things, not loving this episode is a truly first world problem. It’s great. It’s funny. It’s predictable. The General jumps once. Uncle Jesse meets his long lost love, reunites with her and finds true love again, only to have her leave at the end of the show and she’ll never be mentioned again. The best part is that a police car gets literally cut in half, down the middle, like a peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich.

K&F Show #50: State of the County – S3 Episode 11 of The Dukes of Hazzard – and Welcome Harry’s!

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They say to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. On the flip side of that, sometimes your enemies just want to kill you if you won’t give them your money. In this episode that’s basically the whole plot. Boss Hogg gets pressured by the supreme dictator from a neighboring county who (like Boss Hogg) is also in complete control of every nefarious business action that happens there. Basically, it’s like the mob. Only they respect the county lines of Georgia for some reason. Anyway, the Bad Guy Boss tries to kill the Good Guy Buss by having his handsome hitman Earl come to Hazzard to blow stuff up until the Good Guy Boss relents. Daisy falls in love with Earl on first site and later flips a car to put him in jail. Then the Oak Ridge Boys play a song. The End.

K&F Show #49: Good Neighbors, Duke – S3 Episode 10 of The Dukes of Hazzard

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Dukes Summary: OK. Here’s the deal. This is a solid enough episode and if Dukes comfort food is what you’re after, it’s aces. The thing is….that’s all it is. They can’t all be a great one like a Jude Emery, a Carnival of Thrills, or a Double Dukes. Even Corndog mailed this one in. Anyway, a father and daughter come to Hazzard in the witness protection program. Bounty hunters are after them thinking they’ll recover some stolen diamonds or something. Then the General Lee jumps and Bo and Luke fake the death of the father and daughter to get the bad guys off of their backs for good. The end.

K&F Show #47: Mrs Rosco P Coltrane – S3 Episode 8 of The Dukes of Hazzard

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There comes a time in every mans life when he must head out into the world to make his own name, claim his fortune, and find his wife. In the case of Rosco P Coltrane he got to attempt one of those for about 10 minutes before it blew up on him. Some bad guys set up a scam to trick lonely small town Sheriff’s into marrying their pretty lady cohort, only so the afore mentioned bad guys can rob the bank while she, the Sheriff, and the entire town are at their fake wedding. We know, you saw it coming. Everyone saw it coming. Anyway, the Dukes get blamed for the bad stuff, help save the day for Rosco anyway, and the day resets for the next episode like Groundhog’s Day. The General Lee stunts in this are epic. 

K&F Show #46: Baa Baa White Sheep – S3 Episode 7 of The Dukes of Hazzard…and welcome to GREATS!

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This is the show of shows, and it could only happen in the 80’s. Boss Hogg meets his long lost identical twin brother, Abraham Lincoln Hogg. It’s not a welcome meeting though, as Abe is the generous and good ying to Boss’s greedy and devious yang. Need more chicanery? Abe wears a black suit and drives a black Caddy convertible. That comes in later. As you have likely already guessed, Boss had a scheme cooked up to steal Abe’s inheritance that now requires of him to impersonate his brother by changing into and out of his clothes multiple times in a broom closet. The General does an epic jump over a car carrier and Daisy runs in slow motion while wearing a particularly stringy tank top. And Bo’s not in this one at all for some reason. Hijinks ensue.

K&F Rating: 10 Mutual Corndogs!

K&F Show #45: Uncle Boss – S3 Episode 6 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

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Dukes Review: Remember Huey Hogg, Boss Hogg’s nephew that filled in for Rosco in Season 2 while he was “at the police academy” (i.e. when James Best was in a contract dispute)? Good memory. He’s back now, only he’s dressed exactly like Boss Hogg and he drives a white VW Bug convertible with steer horns on it. I know. It was the 80’s. They don’t do great hamball stuff like that anymore. Anyway, Boss brings in Huey to frame the Dukes once and for all, because Rosco has always failed at doing so. Huey tries, Huey fails, the cycle repeats, and Daisy has to get a prison photo taken. And the VW ends up hanging from a giant magnet with Boss Hogg in it. Also – for no explained reason – this episode was shot in Season 2 but only aired now (Enos is back, as is Daisy’s Plymouth Road Runner). Hijinks ensue.  

K&F Show #39: Kibbe Drove a Real General Lee! Also, A Review of Enos Strate to the Top – S3 Episode 2 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

I’ll be honest. After driving a real General Lee it was tough to come down to reality to review a Dukes episode again, but we did it. With that established….this is the first time that a spinoff pilot TV show for the Dukes actually went forward. In this episode the stage is set for Enos Strate, Hazzard’s only honest lawman, to depart on his own adventures. Boss fires him, some bad guys kidnap Daisy while she wears an alarmingly awesome tank top, Enos catches them, and then is hired by the LAPD to join them on his own TV series (something like that). He’ll be back though when that series flops. The General jumps onto the bad guys car. Hijinks ensue.

K&F Show #28: Officer Daisy Duke – S2 Episode 17 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

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This is classic “Hatfield-goes-to-work-for-the McCoy’s” tale. Daisy gets fired from the Boars Nest when asking for a raise. Luckily for her, at that exact time the state of Georgia just put in place an equal rights memorandum that puts Boss in need of hiring a female police officer. You can see where this is going. Boss tries to frustrate her by having her do lowly “women’s work”, she then solves the big crime anyway and catches the bad guys, and it turns out she is a better cop than Rosco and Enos combined. Then she goes back to selling beer because the tip money of people looking at her legs is stellar. Not enough General Lee in here for our tastes, but it’s good anyway. Hijinks ensue.

K&F Show #24: Duke of Duke – S2 Episode 13 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

So, the primary phrase to remember before we go further regarding in this episode is that “it’s not incest.” OK? OK. So, a non-blood related 3rd cousin of the Dukes named Gaylord Duke comes to Hazzard to claim his inheritance on a chunk of land left to him by an old uncle. He’s an actual Duke too, making him Duke Gaylord Duke…which for some reason makes Daisy hear wedding bells and melt like Molly Ringwald over Jake in 16 Candles whenever she sees him. Again, not incest. Long story short, Boss wants the land himself to sell for a huge profit, the Dukes help Gaylord until they learn he’s actually a con-man, and the General gets dusted by a Jaguar…then later schools the Jag to put the universe back into balance. Again, not incest. Hijinks ensue.