TMCP #427: Shag Arrington of Iron Resurrection – Real Tales of Building Awesome Cars on TV

This week our guest was Shag Arrington from the hit Motor Trend automotive show “Iron Resurrection.” They just wrapped their forth successful season and he came on to discuss the life and times (and realities) of what it takes to create dream cars that may take a year to create…in just an hour of screen time!

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TMCP 393: Jo Coddington: Women in Racing and Hot Rods, Promoting Automotive Products, and Life with Boyd Coddington on and off of TV!

This week I spoke to Jo Coddington, racer, car enthusiast, TV celebrity, and Motorsports spokesperson. She became a household name along with her husband Boyd Coddingon on the television show American Hot Rod, but that was not at all where she really gained her start in the industry. Jo was born in Woodvine Iowa, but grew up “out west” in Phoenix Arizona due to allergies that had no known cure at the time. She was raised in a racing family and after graduating from a go kart, she moved into dirt sports. Jo tells the story of her dad not allowing her to come home until she had rebuilt the race engine she had blown up. She worked on it at a friends garage and thought she could talk him into fixing it, but he was in on the plan with her dad. Years later Jo admits that making her build that engine just reinforced her desire to be involved and could not keep her out of the garage.