K&F Show #269: Cody Young Returns for a Hot August Night! Movie Review – “Hot Rod”

Presented with Holley! BIG NEWS: tThe fall events at Holley are just around the corner and Holley MOPARTY is less than 60 days away. We’ll be there and you should be too! We are ONCE AGAIN the media partner for the General Lee jump, too!

BIGGER NEWS: the all new 5-wire hookup Sniper 2.0 EFI is here and yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! The list of upgraded features is extensive, but long story short this is about to make something that was revolutionary even easier. Like the original Sniper it’s designed to work with a myriad of ignition and transmission options from basic points to fill timing control with transmission kickdown provision. It even has an integration for a PDM (Power Data Module), a feature that’ll make your life a magical wonderland when you have multiple components that all need a clean 12V power source and access to switched power.

Just visit Holley.com to peruse and view for yourself and be SURE to tell them that we sent you!

K&F Show Summary: Friends, for a lot of you this one has been a long time coming. This is our review of the Andy Samberg movie “Hot Rod.” It’s the tale of Rod, a young Evil Knievel wanna be stuntman, who makes his quest in life to do killer stunts to earn enough money to pay for his step father’s heart transplant. And that….is about as serious as it gets. Rod cannot grow a mustache, so he uses a fake one during his stunts. To quell his anger, he does gymnastics in the forest until he falls down the side of a mountain for about 2 minutes. His loser buddies build his ramps and light his fireworks. If there’s a school bus to jump, he’s your man. He won’t make it, but he’s your man anyway. It’s stupid, slapstick, musical, and pure comedic genius in every way. 10 Corndogs from all of us!

National Parts Depot Presents: Bernie on the News! https://www.npdlink.com/

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TMCP #510: LS Fest Texas Special – SAM Tech Automotive Machining School – Mike Hepp Top Fuel Racing With A Cause – Blane Burnett, Creating a New LS Fest

Holley Performance puts on some amazing events that people look forward to every year, all of which kicked off with the “OG” event called LS Fest. At that event any vehicle that had a General Motors LS engine was allowed, regardless of make, model, creed, color, or religion! Other events soon followed including LS Fest West in Las Vegas and this year LS Fest Texas at the Texas Motor Speedway!

Luckily for us we were able to send out the dynamic duo of Producer Bernie McPartland and YouTube star and performance vehicle magician Cody Young from Cody Crafted. The boys had only one goal: get some great interviews before the heat melted them to the asphalt. They had success and we have three feature interview to present in this week’s show: SAM Tech Automotive Machining School – Mike Hepp Top Fuel Racing With A Cause – Blane Burnett, Creating a New LS Fest!