TMCP #517: Mike Finnegan Returns – Behind the Scenes of Cleetus McFarland’s Bristol 1000!

This week marks the return of friend and listener favorite Mike Finnegan! Mike is an all around great dude, loved in the automotive entertainment industry, and was the original co-host of the Kibbe and Finnegan Podcast Show (which became Kibbe and Friends in 2019). This week marks the end of the second phase of our sister show “The Kibbe and Friends Show” where we reviewed the final episode of all 7 seasons of The Dukes of Hazzard. Since Mike helped it all begin, I asked him on to celebrate hitting the big milestone. (Kibbe and Friends isn’t going away however, now we get to go back and hit all of the early episodes that Corndog loved most….and maybe build a few more Dukes stunt cars!)

K&F Show #192: The Long Awaited Bernie McPartland Guilty Pleasure Edition

Kibbe invented a product! Well, a team of buddies and Kibbe invented a product…and finally launched it. It only took 10 years and it’s not for cars at all. It’s for baseball! Check it out:

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This is the edition of the KF show that you Bernie McPartland fans have been waiting for. This is where Producer Bernie is fully in charge. Kick back and marvel at how he uses his 30 plus years of broadcasting experience to lay it on thick, saucy, and peppered with guilty yet endearing advertisements for our incredible sponsor Holley as well as our official KF Patreon show. The man is a pro!

Seriously though…we have encountered the 5-Wednesday month of June which for us means a really rare thing; a week off! Our Patreon show for June will air next week so we either needed to go radio silent this week or get one of us to actually work for free. Corndog refused, citing his contract, and then downing an all original 1972 jug of MOPAR washing fluid. Kibbe was gone but stated on his way out the door, “just have Bernie do it if we have to do this, dammit.” And that friends is all Bernie McPartland, 30-year professional radioman, needed to hear.

So kick back and tune in for Bernie on the News, pop culture updates, and about 30 minutes of some of the greatest hits from our recent Q&A Patreon shows. If you love it, let us know. If you hate it, just pretend it didn’t happen. Either way, thank Holley it happened….and then pony up and join us on Patreon (please please please)! Visit

Thanks Dudes and Dudettes. We’ll be ready to go on Patreon next week and back in the booth on after the 4th of July! The Deserving Listener Donation for June is the amazing artwork you see here, created by hand at Dirt Road Endeavors! Visit to view more!