K&F Show #35: Southern Comfurts – S2 Episode 23 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

The “Southern Comfurts” episode is the final one of Season 2….and while it’s full of crazy cornball crap, it’s as weird an episode as it gets, and for some reason the General Lee gets painted green to go “incognito”. Not camo green though. Just a normal, run of the mill, Crayola crayon color of green. Weird. Anyway, the Dukes also help a Southern family with the last name of “Comfurt” who come into a lot of money, only to lose the money in a pirates trunk in the back of a renal car. Boss Hogg tries to get the money, is kidnapped by some out of town bank robbers, and the Dukes save the day in a green General Lee. Did I mention that they paint it on the side of the road somehow? Hijinks ensue.

K&F Show #34: R.I.P. Henry Flatt – S2 Episode 22 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

There’s an old saying that says, “A friend will help you move, and a real friend will help you move a dead body.” In the case of this episode, that proves true. The Dukes aid an old (yet now reformed) swindler friend named Henry Flatt to “stay dead.” He had previously faked his own death to hide from Boss Hogg as he’d swindled him out of a ton of money that was later used to start a Youth Shelter. Remember Otis the Drunk from the Andy Griffith Show? That Henry Flatt. The highlight of this episode is seeing the General drive with a coffin in it’s trunk (containing a dead body, no less). Oh, and Rosco is back from the “Police Academy” now too. Hijinks ensue.

K&F Show #32: Return of the Ridge Raiders – S2 Episode 20 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

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Do you know who Hugh Hefner is? Great. Imagine that Boss Hogg wants to compete with Hugh Hefner with his own line of “Pretty Piggy” waitresses at the Boars Nest, a business model which has a fairly obvious path akin to Hooters, Tilted Kilt, etc. To fund his empire he must reallocate the tax payer subsidized grant that has been allocated to the Hazzard County Senior Citizens Center, which Uncle Jesse is vehemently in the process of saving, despite the fact that he’ll never ever go there at any point in the future of this TV series. Anyways, his old moonshine gang called the “Ridge Raiders” are fighting Boss illegally, he tries to stop them, Bo and Luke get blamed, and yada yada yada. Solid episode, the General jumps (thank God), and hijinks ensue.