TMCP #410: Tim Kollasch from Aluma – Perfecting Car Hauling with Iowa Made Aluminum Lightweight Trailers – Ask Rick, Debunking the “Impending Demise” of Hot Rods and Classic Muscle Cars

This weeks show is with Tim Kollasch from Alumna Trailers, an Iowa company that makes arguably the best aluminum car trailers on the market for collectors, enthusiasts, and gearheads likes us! They pioneered many of the designs that are now common place, have quality open, tilt, and enclosed trailers, and do so with all aluminum designs that stand the test of time without rusting out in the first 5 years!

K&F Show #125: Corndog Cruises the Coast – Dukes Review: S4E22 “Birds Gotta Fly”

Hey hey! This episode is proudly presented by Holley, Wyotech, and Aluma Trailers! Listen in for details – and when you out of pure personal desire (and a slight but devoted love for us) choose to purchase a Holley or Aluma product, or decide to attend Wyotech be sure to mention this show as the reason that inspired your amazing choice.

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