Muscle cars are good for (basically) two things:

  1. Looking Cool
  2. Going Fast.

This past weekend I ran my Chevelle through the autocross at the 2010 Heartland Nationals Good Guys show in Des Moines.  I’ve never autocrossed before…..but I definitely will again.  Hopefully tonight, tomorrow, and every day after that.  It’s absolute utter joy.  I’ll let the video speak for itself.  The commentator in one of the videos is Chad Reynold’s himself from  He MC’d the entire autocross event!

The remainder of the Good Guys show was (as always) terrific.  Incredible rides, great people, and sweltering heat.  There is nothing more fun…or more American…than American muscle cars and 90+ degree weather on the 4th of July!  I saw factory prepped cars, junk piles on wheels, and some of the most creative customs around.  Awesome!  Be sure to hit a Good Guys show this summer yourself!

July_2010 012
Cougar at Autocross.
July_2010 017
Serious Challenger at the Autocross. Note the 2010 Challenger grille!
July_2010 019
The entry from Gateway Classic Mustang. It’s an all out race car. The driver of Grave Digger put on a show for us. It was never going straight once.
July_2010 020
The Ride Tech Impala. It’s genuinely as cool as it looks!

-Robert Kibbe | Muscle Cars for Sale

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