Autocrossing a muscle car – my new obsession.

Muscle cars are good for (basically) two things: Looking Cool Going Fast. This past weekend I ran my Chevelle through the autocross at the 2010 Heartland Nationals Good Guys show in Des Moines.  I’ve never autocrossed before…..but I definitely will again.  Hopefully tonight, tomorrow, and every day after that.  It’s absolute utter joy.  I’ll let […]

The secret to having fun at a car show

We poll our audience from time to time, and we know that without a doubt their favorite thing to do with their muscle car is to attend a car show. Here are a few of the types of car shows out there, and how you can have fun at each whether you’ve got a $5000 […]

The Latest Fad: Build a Muscle Car that can handle!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Heartland Nationals Good Guys show in Des Moines.  It was a huge show – cars (and people) were everywhere.  I took my family along and we had a great time – especially watching muscle cars at the autocross!  Without a doubt, the biggest trend happening […]

 The MuscleCar Place Podcast – Episode #5

June 30, 2009 We have another action packed show in this week’s muscle car podcast from The MuscleCar Place! Click HERE to get the show in iTunes! 1) A welcome to a new dealer listing their muscle cars at The MuscleCar Place KC Classic Autos 2) We discuss “muscle car summer”!  This weekend The Heartland […]

Muscle Cars in the Midwest!

As many of you know, The MuscleCar Place is located in Ames, IA – which is (essentially) the smack dead center of the midwest.  It’s a great place to live, work, raise kids, and listen to the corn grow. Over the 4th of July weekend it’s also one of the best places in the country […]