TMCP Milestone #500 Celebration: Ask Rick – All About the Low Volume Vehicle Manufacturers Act!


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Rick Schmidt – Ask Rick:

Happy April Fools Day! Believe it or not, but we don’t have any fun pranks to pull for you this year….but it absolutely IS time for another insightful, thoughtful, and surprising edition of Ask Rick! This time took a deep dive on the topic a LOT of you want to know more about: the SEMA Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act. The law itself was passed in 2015, but it took over six years (and a second SEMA lawsuit) to get the NHTSA to finally give the ruling needed to make it a reality. It now us, and manufacturers can begin the process of producing up to 325 cars per year…..legally, at least.

Camaro Body Replacement – Complete NPD

In my quest for more information I dug in further by asking Rick, in his opinion what advantages does the new law bring to the market?

The cars being produced are (admittedly) very expensive and out of the ballpark of the average Joe. Sure, they may be more attainable than the real thing (ex. a Shelby Daytona Coupe), but that really can’t be all of it, and in reality it’s likely not part of the equation at all.

Rick is in a position to see availability of restoration products as an industry whole, and he was quick to point out that with the advent of the complete body assemblies come along the availability of every part needed to build the body. He’s well aware that this new law could lead to new market segments we don’t see yet, just as full body replacements seemed to introduce all sorts of new related components to the market.

He does not believe replica cars will add or detract from the value of their “real” counterparts, however, and he believes those that are fearing that are mistaken. In his opinion these cars are just going to be a new – very niche – market segment.

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Thanks Rick!

-Rob Kibbe
Rob and Dallas Kibbe: SEMA 2013.

TMCP 500!

Hey hey! This episode marks the release of show #500. For those that have been here since day 1, this show launched in 2009 from my basement and is today (we believe) the longest running automotive podcast out there. (Yes, Car Talk has been at it longer…..but they’re on the radio!)

I shared some detail here, but as most of you know my dad was our number one fan of the show…and original owner of my ’64 Chevelle. I was able to find an old interview I did with him in 2011 that I included in this episode. I hope that you enjoy it – I sure did.

Also, as shared in this episode, this show could NOT have been possible without the support of NPD joining on in 2011. They took on supporting the show as they could see it’s potential before podcasts were a thing! They allowed me to pursue my dream and bring muscle car entertainment to the masses. Thank YOU all for continuing to listen and support us all!

-Rob Kibbe


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