TMCP #568: Jason Forgey, the NC944er – Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know to Own, Restore, and Upgrade the Porsche 944!


Jason Forgey, NC944er Porsche Talk:

This week, I spoke with Porsche 944 expert Jason Forgey. On YouTube he is known as “NC944er” and has an amazing channel of OEM qualify technical and restoration videos specific to the 944. As most of you know from TMCP Episode 566 we just found a 944 for my son Dallas after a year of shopping. Now that we have the car here….I need to figure out how to fix everything it needs!

Ironically, Jason lives just a couple of hours away from where I bought the car and offered to help the seller with the maintenance items the car would need. While the car itself was in great shape, it hadn’t been driven regularly in 15 years and had a few mandatory items needed (specifically the timing belt). This type of service work requires some special knowledge and tools, but, neither the seller nor I put two and two together to realize who Jason was! Ah well. Live and learn. Once the car made it two Iowa I finally connected the dots and reached out to him to make his acquaintance, hopefully schedule an interview, and luckily he accepted!

Jason Forgey and Bob Ingram founder of the Ingram Collection

Jason is not a automotive mechanic or a Factory Porsche professional by trade, but he is a regular (and really clever) enthusiast who has fallen in love with a particular vehicle, on a mission to learn and share everything about them. Jason knew as a kid that he wanted a German driving machine and he almost had his mom talked into it, until they got to the dealership. They left the establishment with no special car but he did know that someday he would buy his own dream car. Years later he would purchase his own 1988 Porsche 944 and start a video series helping others work on their own.

Jason Forgey’s 1988 Porsche 944

Jason works for a large telecom company as a technical trainer during the day and at night he uses his media and management skills to make high quality videos about how to fix and restore his 1988 944. He enjoys researching and learning the right way to repair 944’s and the differences between the years and what parts will interchange to make one better than factory. He then produces videos of a very high quality and presented in a very comfortable way to an ever growing audience. Jason goes by the name NC944er on YouTube where he has built an array of OEM quality Porsche 944 diagnostic and restoration videos.

He strives to respond to criticism in a positive solution manner, offering solutions that may help and remains upbeat as much as he can. It is not a surprise to me now that he had reached out to the seller of our car to help as Jason seems to thrive on helping others with his knowledge of these amazing little cars.

In this interview he imparts a massive amount of technical information and I know I learned a ton in just a short time. If you are a gear head with a technical mind you are going to love this discussion about the common problems associated with the 944 and how to fix it yourself.

Jason Forgey’s Porsche 944 Engine Bay

You can watch Jason repair his 944 at but be careful, you may wind up buying your own Porsche to tinker with later. You can also get some cool 944 related swag and help support Jason’s efforts at

Thanks for the interview, Jason!
-Rob Kibbe


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  1. Jason’s channel has been the go to for information and inspiration regarding working on my car. He really as been a really nice guy to correspond with and willingly offers suggestions that have been instrumental in keeping my 944 on the road

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