TMCP #469: Mike Finnegan Returns! Giant Passenger Flipping Tow Pigs, “Ludicrous Speed” Boats, and the Fun of Failing Uphill


Mike Finnegan:

Large Trucks, Big Trailers, Fast Boats and Cars

Mike Finnegan

This week, marks the return yet again of Mike Finnegan to give us an update on what has been happening around Finnegan’s Garage, on Roadkill, and on his recently renewed show Faster with Finnegan. Of course his most famous work was on the Kibbe and Finnegan Podcast. Seriously though, Mike has been a good friend over the years and it’s always a fun (and usually happily dumb) catchup. 

Lincoln Hawk and the Large Trailer

Mike has had more than his share of various vehicles. He is most well known for resurrecting old muscle cars and hot rods, but he loves anything with a motor and can be seen in various situations with gasoline powered vehicles of all varieties. It may be a wheel standing tow truck, or a bucking hovercraft, or even an eight wheeled ORV that drives in a lake. He loves them all. One vehicle that holds a special place in his heart for though is boats, and he has had quite a few. Drag boats like “Game Over” put the marine into Finnegan’s Speed and Marine and powers him across the water faster than most hot rods can go. 

When you are Mike Finnegan though, and have to move that many vehicles just to juggle the inventory, you need an over the top hauling method. It started way back in the day with the OG ramp truck which had it’s own series of motor swaps and burnouts, but Mike soon figured out that an open, exposed hauler just advertises your junk too much and begs for people to steal it. The most famous example was the Roadkill “Mazdaratti” that was stolen from a flat bed trailer following a Roadkill taping.

This realization led to a series of enclosed haulers starting with the Bill Simpson racing truck and then Square Force One, up to the most recent which is a massive four door, Cat powered monstrosity they call Lincoln Hawk. Mike’s goal is to be able to haul a race car and a race boat all inside protected from the elements and thieves. His latest adventures in purchasing an enclosed trailer to match the big red hauler just went live on YouTube at Finnegan’s Garage.

If you are one of the small handful of people that not following Mike already, you can do it now at or on Of course you can see him on the show that started it all,

Thanks Mike!

-Rob Kibbe


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