TMCP #468: Ask Rick – Amelia Island Winners, eBay Picks, and the Price Impact of COVID on EVERYTHING!


Rick Schmidt:

1924 Lincoln at Amelia – Rick Schmidt

Rick Schmidt is back for our ever-popular “Ask Rick” segment and this weeks listener question is straight from the news headlines: the increase of prices on EVERYTHING. From global pandemics sequestering workers at home, to 2020’s increased consumer buying, to stimulus packages, and then a final blow of a stuck ship in the middle of a canal blocking the worlds free trade, the global market has taken a huge hit. All of these forces and more have combined to impact the availability of goods and raise prices across the board.

Loyal listeners have asked when they can expect restoration parts to follow suit and begin to rise as well? Rick answered, in his normal direct manner, that the prices had already started going up almost six months ago. He was even previously quoted as saying “Buckle Up” regarding what will happen in 2021 to deal with the reality of 2020!

NPD unfortunately has had to sort through all of the new pricing sheets and adjust accordingly as did everyone else in the auto industry, consumer industry, construction industry, and the like on a global scale. While many factors are a contributor. Rick boiled it down to missing labor force and difficulty regarding raw materials like petroleum products, fiber products and others. These products had been so radically redirected to COVID relief products that it left a hole in the supply chain that will take a while to fill. 

On a happier note Rick recently attended the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance and showed his 1924 Lincoln. This is Rick’s personal favorite show and it features unique, rare, fun, and amazing cars of an amazing level of detail.  Any award at Amelia is an accomplishment and will reflect very well on the pedigree of a car. There is great pride taken at Amelia to never show the same car twice, so attendees and competitors are always guaranteed a fresh Concours.

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Thanks Rick!

-Rob Kibbe


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