TMCP #458: Tom Rightler, the Chevelle Doctor: Performing Top Notch OEM Restorations!


Tom Rightler:

OEM Chevelle Restorations!

Completed ’70 Chevelle – Mid Atlantic Muscle Cars

This week I spoke to Tom Rightler, founder of Mid Atlantic Muscle Cars in Bridgeton, NJ. Tom is know for his excellence in restoring most muscle cars, but specifically Chevelle’s. Tom’s dad was a mechanic for thirty years so he grew up around cars and wrenching on them for fun. Like a lot of us, cars were his escape and relaxation! He walked into his first job in a family owned office supply business, learned the trade, and stayed there for years as his hobby turned into a very successful “side hustle.” Detail and accuracy became his trademark and over the course of a decade he became a well known name in the Chevelle restoration world. He even went to night school…just to learn body work, welding, and painting!

As the times changed Tom started to see the writing on the wall regarding his “day job” profession and he turned his former “side hustle” business of restoring cars to full time status in March of 2020. What timing, huh? Luckily, he had done work for so many years already that had had over two years of backlog work waiting for him. 

One thing every business needs  is a great website and the Mid Atlantic Muscle Cars site is no slouch, but Tom’s involvement with another website is even better for Chevelle owners. list all sorts of technical information including build sheets, vin decoders, and how to identify if you have a numbers matching car or not. Tom’s friend bought the website from the original creator and then enlisted his help to insure the information is accurate. Tom owns it today and maintains it. Check it out!

You can find out more about Tom and the Chevelle’s or the Charger he is restoring at or check out his website at

Thanks Tom!

-Rob Kibbe


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