The MuscleCar Place Podcast – Episode #98 – Jimi Day and FM3 Marketing

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This week’s podcast show guest is Jimi Day, President of FM3 Marketing. Like a lot of us he grew up as a car guy, but his early career led him away from cars, into finance, and eventually to the cutthroat world of Wall Street. Fortunately, his Wall Street career put him in a strong position to be able to leave it behind in his early 40’s and he decided to pursue the area that he had loved as a kid; cars! Specifically, he wanted to help to make people happy, and he wanted to do that with cars, somehow, some way.

Wally and Jimi.

He entered into the car business first doing restoration work, but one thing led to another and he learned that restoration work was harder to make a dollar at than was marketing and proposal writing. Eventually his business had a marketing division and he partnered with Wally Olczak to form what it today known as FM3 Marketing. They are the company behind events like the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitation, LS Fest, and more. Even better is that they’re really cars guys, participate in a bazillion events each year, and love what they do.

Jimi also revealed in this interview that the Pro Touring movement may be part of a new Street Car Series, perhaps as early as 2012. It could potentially be a televised sport with multiple events throughout the year and could (effectively) be the bridge between the car in your driveway and something like SCCA. Jimi has stated that the important factor is that these would be street cars, not race cars with license plates!

Jimi behind the wheel of a Mustang at the Sandhills Open Road Challenge. It's good to be the boss!

Thanks for the interview Jimi, and the inspiration!

Robert Kibbe

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