The MuscleCar Place Podcast – Episode #95 – Dustin Burr and Wilwood Brakes

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Dustin Burr from Wilwood Brakes

This week’s guest is Dustin Burr from Wilwood Brakes. For most people, the brand of Wilwood will need no introduction of any kind as they’ve been running NASCAR for years, but the company itself has it’s finger in nearly every type of braking application imaginable from aerospace to mining and even to theme park applications! In our case we’ll concentrate on only the applications specific to muscle cars.

The nice thing about Wilwood that Dustin described is that they don’t have just a single solution for any application; they have multiple ones. Their brakes are used just as often on drag racing cars are they are on Pro Touring and street cars, and they also have applications that will fit under a factory 14 or 15″ wheel (for those that prefer the factory look). The brakes themselves have a lightweight aluminum hub and separate rotor disc, and safety wires tie everything together. Their calipers range from mild to wild as well and go all the way up to 6-piston applications.

They have multiple pedal setups as well for those that need more contollability than the factory setup can offer, and their setups work with either inside or exterior mounted brake cylinders, and can be mounted on the floor or the traditional hanging style. In addition to covering Ford, GM, and Mopar applications they’ve just recently come out with a lineup for AMC muscle cars!

One last thing to note is that their entire lineup is now available through National Parts Depot as well, so be sure to check them out the next time you place your NPD order. You can also go onto the Wilwood website and pull their technical drawings directly there to make sure that the size you think you need truly is the one you actually need.

Thanks for the interview, Dustin! I’m looking forward to running Wilwood brakes on my Chevelle in the future – and will need your guidance to choose the right application.

-Robert Kibbe

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