The MuscleCar Place Podcast – Episode #71 – Larry Brogdin and Dynacorn

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Confession Segment

I share the real reasons behind starting The MuscleCar Place, and the changes you can expect to see in the future!

Feature Segment

A Dynacorn "Before & After" example with their '67 Mustang body. Image: Modified Mustangs and Fords

This week’s feature guest is Larry Brogdin from Dynacorn. By this point in time most gear-heads realize that Dynacorn Classic Bodies is the company that is creating brand new “crate” bodies of all of our favorite muscle cars, and the list seems to keep growing. Their first kit was the ’69 Camaro convertible, and today their lineup features a full array of even more Camaro’s, Mustangs, Chevelle’s, a Dodge Challenger, and (soon to be) the first generation Mustang convertibles. In the interview with Larry we learn that Dynacorn’s rise to fame of creating replacement bodies was not an easy one, and it didn’t happen overnight. It took a passionate group of car-guys to see it through the the end.

Their biggest goal in keeping replacement bodies is to keep as many driver muscle cars on the road as possible. They know that in this day and age the really valuable muscle cars are kept locked up, and the ones that are driven regularly can be smashed up. Simply put, they just want to provide people with a way to keep muscle cars on the road. Plus, with the Pro-Touring movement it would seem that most people really would prefer a body-in-white anyway because they’re planning to put on all aftermarket components on the car, regardless!

Dynacorn started out as, and still is today, a wholesale provider, meaning that they do not sell to consumers directly. Their products, whether it be a ’69 Camaro fender, or a whole ’69 Camaro coupe, first are sold to companies like National Parts Depot before they go on to the end consumer. They strive to make a superior quality part and don’t mind paying extra labor and material costs to get it. As far as they’re concerned they’d love to see the life span of their parts be far longer than that of the original components.

Keep up the good work, guys. We ask that you put ’68-’70 Chargers on your list as the car to do next!


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  1. Also, this cam would go into ’67 GTO with a stock 400 engine, auto transmission, power steering, power brakes and A/C.

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