The MuscleCar Place Podcast – Episode #63 – Scott Schurbon on Building Winning Mopar Muscle

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Another Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge, another win for Scott Schurbon! Photo Courtesy Amsoil.

Scott Schurbon has had a life-long love affair with Mopars. His buddy’s big-block Mopar caught him at a young age, and the Mopar flame in him was lit to never go out! Today Scott is the owner and proprietor of Schurbon Engine Service in Maquoketa, IA and his shop specializes in high quality engine work of all kind. Scott’s biggest engine building passion though is in building high horsepower Mopar engines, and for the past several years he’s been the force to contend with at the Amsoil Mopar Muscle Engine Building Challenge.

Each year the Challenge is held around the same time as the Mopar Nationals, and the rules differ each time. Some years the goal is strictly horsepower, while in others it’s a competition of horsepower/dollar. This year the goal was to make the best horsepower per cub inch, and Scott and his team won with a very creatively built small block! His 340 made 511.3 Horsepower, which equaled 1.504 horsepower per cubic inch.

The leader board tells the story!

Scott loves talking Mopars and his interview was at the request of podcast listener Hal Sprague. If you have any questions for Scott concerning your Mopar build just call or e-mail him at the following. He even works on Ford and Chevy applications!

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