The MuscleCar Place Podcast – Episode #59 – Bret Voelkel and Ride Tech

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Feature Segment

The Ride Tech Velocity Camaro. Image courtesy Ride Tech.

Bret Voelkel is our feature interview this week.  He’s the man behind Ride Tech (Air Ride) and started the company like a lot of guys do… solving a problem for himself that other people wanted in on!  He originally came up with the idea to put air suspension on hot rods simply because he wanted a way to have his car slammed to the ground while parked at shows, but also with the ability to pick itself up off the ground to be driven away (without dragging headers, drive shafts, small animals, etc.).  He built his first air suspension system after looking at the air bladders on semi trucks, and people started asking how he did it.  He was asked by others to do the same for them, and the rest is history.  It’s the American dream, right?  After 15 years Ride Tech now has multi levels of high performance suspension options for almost every muscle car there is, and has also ventured into other things that can help a car handle – like a bolt in roll cage and coil over shocks!

Bret Voelkel

Bret keeps the company focus on performance and is a big sponsor and participant in the Optima Invitational series.  He’ll be at the big event on Nov. 6 after the SEMA show as well.  After all, is there a better way to test performance parts than to race them?

The "Tiger Cage" bolt in roll cage system in the Velocity Camaro. Image courtesy Ride Tech.

I hope you enjoy the interview….and if superstar Brian Finch ever sees this, Bret says his car may not be as fast as yours is….but his mouth can outrun you any day of the week!


  • Another special edition Camaro is out – this time from Hendrick.  In 40 years will this be as revered as a ’68 Nickey or a ’69 Yenko?


  • From Jeramie – your 2 cents worth on my (potential) Mustang?
  • From Richard  – where do I get a MuscleCar Place window sticker?
  • Roscoe P Coltrane listens to the podcast!

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