The MuscleCar Place Podcast – Episode #16 – Featuring Boss Mustang Expert Chris Burns of Santa Barbara Muscle Cars

Episode 16 is ready to go for this week’s muscle car podcast from The MuscleCar Place!

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1) A recap of some recent “modern” muscle car news:

The Return of the Camaro Z/28

Roush unveils his 540HP “sleeper” Mustang

Hurst releases the Hurst Edition Challenger

2) The new A-Team movie will be in movie theater’s next summer.  BA’s “muscle van” is back!

3) Vintage Racing Muscle Cars Rock!

4) An interview with Chris Burns (Boss Mustang Expert) from Santa Barbara Muscle Cars.

A 1970 Boss 429 Mustang Restored by Chris Burns

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2 Responses

  1. that aint no boss the boss mustang had the distinct line running from the shaker hood down and shooting back the car if you really restaored it you would have done that

  2. Andrew,

    Thanks for your post! Chris Burns was able to offer some insight on this one….

    “The Boss 429’s did not have “shakers”. It is a fixed hood scoop, the largest scoop put on any Mustang. They have a cable attached to a metal flap inside the scoop which provides the “ram air” effect. Secondly, the Boss 429’s had very little as far as call outs. The massive hood scoop was one and the other other item are small fender decals that say Boss 429. Only the Boss 302’s had the striping down the fenders and along the side. I hope this clarifies!”

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