The MuscleCar Place Podcast – Episode #113 – Dan “The Man” Weishaar and his ’68 Road Runner!

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Dan Weishaar and his '68 Road Runner

To some, Dan Weishaar might be a renaissance man when it comes to hot rodding. In this day and age, when the $200,000 picture perfect car builds are the only ones that seem to get the press, Dan prefers to build cars that are function first and form second. He puts the upfront emphasis on drivability, making sure that his cars start easily and drive well, and it doesn’t bother him too much if the paint isn’t perfect (that way it’s a whole lot easier to lay a wrench on the fender while working).

His ’68 Road Runner is a perfect testament to his philosophy. A life long racer and Mopar fan, Dan picked up the Road Runner as an old drag race car and continued to drag race it himself. After a while Dan started to gain interest in trying to keep up with the autocross guys, and he wanted to run in death cheating high speed road racing events like the Spectre 341 Challenge. This in itself was more than just a gutsy task as he knew that his big Road Runner would be fighting to keep up with a sea of smaller Camaro’s which were already the darling of the speed-parts aftermarket. One thing lead to another though and soon his drag race car became a road race car. Like any real racer he’s improved the car as time and budget would allow, all while still using his car on a nearly daily basis as transportation. His participation in various racing events earned him the permanent nickname of “Dan The Man” as well!

Dan and the Road Runner at speed in the Spectre 341 Challenge.

As an aside, after years of building his own cars and helping others build theirs, Dan’s wife prodded him to start “charging people for that stuff.” One thing led to another and he’s decided to chase the dream of business ownership while doing something he loves. He’s formed “DTM Racing” as his new enterprise and plans to specialize in his philosophy of building usable cars for people, with emphasis on performance and affordability. He specifically mentioned during our interview that Chris Holstrom’s previous interview (Episode 107) that detailed the launching of his car building business, Chris Holstrom Concepts, was very encouraging to him in planning his new venture.

Thanks, for the interview Dan, and more specifically, congrats and encouragement on chasing your dream! I’m a big believer that the dreams and passions that we have are gifts from above, and I’m certain that the prodding from your wife was no accident. Go for it!

-Robert Kibbe

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