The MuscleCar Place Podcast – Episode #102 – The Passionately Pink Camaro!

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This week’s podcast show is Andrew Herold, and he’s a regular car guy who like a lot of he he leads a normal busy life made up of a wife, job, kids, etc. However, unlike a lot of us, Andrew has decided to use his free time to take one of his favorite things in life, his ’72 Camaro, and build it into an amazing car… that he can give it away to help a cause that is near and dear to both he and his family. The car that you see here has been named the Passionately Pink Camaro, and it’s story will surprise you.

Humble Beginnings!

The car was given to Andrew after years of putting engines into it for a relative, and he’s loved it since he was a kid. He put IROC-Z wheels on it and enjoyed it, but eventually it needed repair and sat idle, waiting for the day that it would be reborn. Andrew’s mother-in-law had been a breast cancer survivor, and the more he learned about how cancer affects not only the people afflicted, but also those who surround them, the more he became moved to find a way to help find a solution for it. He decided to do the only thing that a car guys would know how to do; build a car, sell it, and donate the profits to the Susan G Komen Foundation!

Andrew started reaching out to multiple companies for support, and the more he told his story and his intent, the easier it became to attract sponsors. Victory Racing Engines stepped in to take care of the hopped-up LS Motor, Air Lift took care of the suspension, Kore 3 took care of the brakes, and the list went on and on. Andrew even found that competing companies, such as National Parts Depot and Classic Industries were both happy to donate, as was Vintage Air and Classic Auto Air. (A full list of all supporting sponsors can be found on the website.)

It’s Andrew’s plan to debut the car at SEMA and get one of the 10 coveted SEMA Show invites to race it in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational. Following that he’ll take it on a multitude of shows in 2012 and culminate it all by auctioning off the car through one of the large auction houses. All proceeds will go the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Thanks for the interview Andrew, and thanks for serving people in need! We’ll plan to follow along!

-Robert Kibbe



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  1. I’m proud to say my son Travis Glazier and his friend Brandon Burns are part of this project (Monzter Motor Travis tail light design is being put on this car. Look for him in Las Vegas this fall where he and his wife Trisha will be guests as you present your car. Congratulations to all of you!

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