LSX Podcast #15 – Lingenfelter Performance Nats Recap and Power Adder Talk: NOS, Turbos, and Blowers!

A brand new COPO runs at the Lingenfelter Performance Nats! Image:

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Event Recap:

John Ryan was able to attend the Lingenfelter Performance Nationals last weekend, where drag racing records were set and a new COPO Camaro with a 5.3 and a Whipple blower ran the quarter in the 8’s! He also had the chance to run his own 2010 Camaro, putting down his best time yet (hint: drag radials are good).

For a full recap of the event, be sure to check out the entire write-up on Chevy’s!


Tech: Our Favorite Power Adders:

Superchargers, Turbos, and Nitrous Oxide

454 LS + Whipple Blower = 1000 HP!

Have you ever wondered whether NOS, a turbo, or a blower would work best for you? We discuss in detail during the show…..and come to the conclusion that the real answer to the question is, “it depends.

Of the three, NOS is the cheapest, pure and simple. But, it’s consumable (meaning the NOS tank literally runs empty) and you’ll need to choose whether to use a dry or wet system.

Turbos are FANTASTIC options for making peak power (maybe the best of the 3), and would be ideal for drag racing applications. The power curve addition of the turbo is not always linear though, and depending on the application is not always the best choice.  We name our favorite turbo companies during the show.

Superchargers are likely the best choice for the happy medium as they’re good as they (generically speaking) simply raise the existing power curve up lineally, meaning your car will drive the at low and high speeds just as it did before, but will feel like it has 100HP more on both ends. We did our best during the show to decipher the difference between the two main types of superchargers defined according to the method of compression: positive displacement and dynamic compressors. Our friends at Whipple have an excellent write-up on this as well!

Upcoming Events:

1) October 11-14, LSX Series Final Race, Lucas Oil Raceway, Indianapolis, Indiana

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-Rob, John, and Tony



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