LSX Podcast 22: Our Feature Interview with Jim Moran, Head Tuner for Speed Inc – Everything It Takes To Tune an LS Motor for New and Old Rides!

A SpeedInc prepared '64 Chevelle with a Twin Turbo LS1

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Feature Interview with SpeedInc Head Tuner Jim Moran:

Everything It Takes to Tune an LS!

A ZL1 convertible gets it's run on SpeedInc's dyno!

In this episode John and I had the chance to do some serious digging on the ever popular and confusing topic of tuning a motor.

We decided to ask Jim Moran on the show, as he’s the Head Tuner from Speed Inc. near Chicago and has personally tuned about 5 of John’s cars. During the show we asked Jim a million different tuning questions, and if you’ve ever wanted to know what every single table inside your ECM is and why it’s there (and what it does), Jim is your man!

Here are a few questions that we hit him:

1) How do you determine the best A/F ratio’s for a setup? Is there a lot of trial and error, or is it fairly scientific?

2) What tables are available to modify? Timing curves, fuel mappings, etc.

3) Is it more difficult to tune a VVT motor (like an L92) than a non VVT?  Can they work with manual transmissions (something GM never did)?

4) Are aftermarket ECM’s worth the money, or should you stick with a GM unit?

5) If we swap a donor motor into an older car, how do we get the initial tune on it before it goes to your shop?

6) Are aftermarket intakes and throttle bodies necessary for motors making less than 600 HP?

7) How do you find the “magic” tune for a specific car? What all info do you need about it’s application (street, track, weight, gearing, etc.) first?

Thanks for the interview, Jim!
Speed Inc



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